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Magnetic Fields at Uranus
The magnetic field experiment on the Voyager 2 spacecraft revealed a strong planetary magnetic field of Uranus and an associated magnetosphere and fully developed bipolar masnetic tail. The detachedExpand
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The induced magnetosphere of Titan
The Voyager 1 spacecraft had a close encounter (miss distance = 6970 km) with Titan (diameter = 5140 km) on November 12, 1980, while this large satellite was located within the SaturnianExpand
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Observations of Mercury's magnetic field
This paper presents a study of magnetic field data obtained by Mariner 10 during the third and final encounter with the planet Mercury on 16 March 1975. A well developed bow shock and modestExpand
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Magnetic field directional discontinuities: 1. Minimum variance errors
A statistical investigation of the errors associated with the minimum variance analysis of directional discontinuity normal components has been performed. This study consisted of both computerExpand
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The magnetic field of Mercury, 1
An updated analysis and interpretation are presented of the magnetic field observations obtained during the Mariner 10 encounter with the planet Mercury on March 29, 1974. The combination of dataExpand
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Magnetic Field Observations near Mercury: Preliminary Results from Mariner 10
Results are presented from a preliminary analysis of data obtained near Mercury on 29 March 1974 by the NASA-GSFC magnetic field experiment on Mariner 10. Rather unexpectedly, a very well-developed,Expand
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The Jovian magnetotail and its current sheet
Analyses of Voyager magnetic field measurements have extended our understanding of the structural and temporal characteristics of Jupiter's magnetic tail. The magnitude of the magnetic field in theExpand
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Structure and dynamics of Saturn's outer magnetosphere and boundary regions
In 1979-1981, the three USA spacecraft Pioneer 11 and Voyagers 1 and 2 discovered and explored the magnetosphere of Saturn to the limited extent possible on flyby trajectories. Considerable variationExpand
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Magnetic field studies by voyager 1: preliminary results at saturn.
Magnetic field studies by Voyager 1 have confirmed and refined certain general features of the Saturnian magnetosphere and planetary magnetic field established by Pioneer 11 in 1979. The main fieldExpand
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