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Maternal undernutrition during early to mid-gestation in the ewe results in altered growth, adiposity, and glucose tolerance in male offspring.
This study utilized maternal undernutrition from early to midgestation in the ewe to determine the impact(s) of intrauterine growth restriction on postpartum growth of male offspring and theExpand
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Effects of maternal nutrition on conceptus growth and offspring performance: implications for beef cattle production.
Developmental programming is the concept that a maternal stimulus or insult at a critical period in fetal development has long-term effects on the offspring. Historically, considerable effort hasExpand
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Effects of dam nutrition on growth and reproductive performance of heifer calves.
A 3-yr study was conducted with heifers (n = 170) whose dams were used in a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments to determine the effects of late gestation (LG) or early lactation (EL) damExpand
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Effects of early gestational undernutrition on fetal growth, organ development, and placentomal composition in the bovine.
Fetal intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is known to negatively affect offspring health postnatally. This study evaluated the impacts of early gestational undernutrition followed byExpand
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Evidence for altered placental blood flow and vascularity in compromised pregnancies
The placenta is the organ that transports nutrients, respiratory gases, and wastes between the maternal and fetal systems. Consequently, placental blood flow and vascular development are essentialExpand
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Animal models of placental angiogenesis.
The study of the development of the fetal membranes is an ancient one, and the importance of placental vascular development to placental function has long been recognized. Animal models have beenExpand
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Placental angiogenesis in sheep models of compromised pregnancy
Because the placenta is the organ that transports nutrients, respiratory gases and wastes between the maternal and fetal systems, development of its vascular beds is essential to normal placentalExpand
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Effects of gestational plane of nutrition and selenium supplementation on mammary development and colostrum quality in pregnant ewe lambs.
To examine effects of nutritional plane and Se supplementation on colostrum quality and mammary development, individually fed, pregnant Rambouillet ewe lambs were allotted randomly to 1 of 6Expand
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Melatonin supplementation alters uteroplacental hemodynamics and fetal development in an ovine model of intrauterine growth restriction.
Using a mid- to late-gestation ovine model of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), we examined uteroplacental blood flow and fetal growth during melatonin supplementation as a 2 × 2 factorialExpand
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Uteroplacental vascular development and placental function: an update.
The importance of the placenta and its vascular development to fetal growth and development has been appreciated since ancient times. Based on numerous studies in humans and animal model organisms inExpand
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