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The — 16 region, a vital sequence for the utilization of a promoter in Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli
Evidence suggests that the −16 region is an additional region of EτA promoters in B. subtilis and Eτ70 promoters in E. coli, essential in some weak promoters such as the α‐amylase promoter but, of little benefit to very strong promoters. Expand
Formation of an extracellular energy reserve byCellulomonas flavigena strain KU
SummaryConditions of growth are described which lead to the formation of a dense capsule aboutCellulomonas flavigena and provide data which suggest that, although accumulated as an extracellularExpand
Production and purification of an extracellular polyglucan produced byCellulomonas flavigena strain KU
SummaryA polysaccharide is synthesized byCellulomonas flavigena strain KU when it is cultured in a synthetic medium which uses ammonium salts as a nitrogen source and contains an excess of a carbonExpand
Isolation and characterization of a new strain ofCellulomonas flavigena
The absence of large swollen polar structures from the new isolate and the production of large amounts of an extracellular polysaccharide indicate that it is a new strain ofCellulomonas flavigena. Expand