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Solid-state mid-infrared laser sources
Mid-Infrared 2-5 ?m Heterojunction Laser Diodes.- High Performance Quantum Cascade Lasers and Their Applications.- Mid-IR Difference Frequency Generation.- Pulsed Mid-IR Optical ParametricExpand
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Terahertz-wave generation in quasi-phase-matched GaAs
The authors demonstrate an efficient room temperature source of terahertz radiation using femtosecond laser pulses as a pump and GaAs structures with periodically inverted crystalline orientation,Expand
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Multiphoton absorption and nonlinear refraction of GaAs in the mid-infrared
We report the wavelength dependencies of the two- and three-photon absorption coefficients of undoped GaAs in the spectral range 1.3-3.5 μm, as well as nonlinear refractive index n2 in the rangeExpand
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Massively parallel sensing of trace molecules and their isotopologues with broadband subharmonic mid-infrared frequency combs
Mid-infrared spectroscopy offers supreme sensitivity for the detection of trace gases, solids and liquids based on tell-tale vibrational bands specific to this spectral region. Here, we present a newExpand
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Type I and II ZnGeP2 travelling-wave optical parametric generator tunable between 3.9 and 10 μm
Abstract Mode-locked Er:Cr:YSGG laser ( λ =2.8 μ m) pulses were used to pump travelling wave optical parametric generator (OPG) based on a ZnGeP 2 crystal. Using the new crystal's orientation andExpand
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Mid-IR frequency comb source spanning 4.4-5.4 μm based on subharmonic GaAs optical parametric oscillator.
Broadband mid-IR output suitable for producing 1000-nm-wide frequency combs centered at 4.9 μm was achieved in a degenerate subharmonic optical parametric oscillator (OPO) based on 500-μm-longExpand
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Extra-wide tuning range optical parametric generator
Abstract Mid-infrared radiation, continuously tunable in the range 3.3–19 μm was achieved using double-pass travelling-wave optical parametric generator (OPG) based on GaSe crystal. This is theExpand
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Terahertz-wave generation with periodically inverted gallium arsenide
We overview methods of THz-wave generation using frequency down-conversion in GaAs with periodically-inverted crystalline orientation. First, we compare different nonlinear-optical materials suitableExpand
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2.8 μm laser pumped type I and type II travelling-wave optical parametric generator in GaSe
Ultrashort pulses of a mode-locked Er:Cr:YSGG laser (λ=2.8 μm) were used to pump travelling wave optical parametric generator (OPG) based on GaSe crystal. Type II wave synchronism OPG was achievedExpand
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ZnGeP 2 optical parametric oscillator with 3.8–12.4-µm tunability
A ZnGeP2 (ZGP) optical parametric oscillator (OPO) with wide mid-IR tunability has been demonstrated. The singly resonant angle-tuned ZGP OPO was pumped by 100-ns erbium laser pulses at λ=2.93 µm andExpand
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