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Computable Economics: The Arne Ryde Memorial Lectures
In the field of economic analysis, computability in the formation of economic hypotheses is seen as the way forward. In this book, Professor Velupillai implements a theoretical research program alongExpand
Implicit Nonlinearities in the Economic Dynamics of ‘Impulse and Propagation’
This criticism is fallacious because it fails to distinguish properly between SOURCES OF IMPULSES and PROPAGATION MECHANISMS, a distinction stressed by Frisch (1933) in a classic paper that providedExpand
The impossibility of an Effective Theory of Policy in a Complex Economy
There is one main theme and correspondingly one formal result in this paper. On the basis of a general characterization of what is formally meant by a ‘complex economy’, underpinned by imaginativeExpand
Computable Foundations for Economics
Part I: Foundations 1. The Incomputable, the Non-constructive and the Undecidable in Mathematical Economics 2. Advanced Computational Complexity Theory from an Elementary Standpoint 3. EconomicExpand
Rationality, computability, and complexity
Abstract Rationality in economic theory is, almost without exception, defined in terms of choice functions and underlying preference relations. The nature of the computability of choice functions andExpand
Sraffa’s Economics in Non-Classical Mathematical Modes
Besicovitch insists that I publich [Production of Commodities by Means of Com-modities2, [36]]; the fact that I was able to foresee interesting mathematical results shows that there must be somethingExpand
Uncomputability and undecidability in economic theory
Interpreting the core of mathematical economic theory to be defined by General Equilibrium Theory and Game Theory, a general - but concise - analysis of the computable and decidable content of the implications of these two areas are discussed. Expand
Algorithmic foundations of computable general equilibrium theory
  • K. Velupillai
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Appl. Math. Comput.
  • 1 August 2006
It is shown, contrary to widely expressed views and textbook versions of the C GE model, that the standard CGE model is neither computable nor constructive in the strict mathematical senses. Expand