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One-Pot Synthesis of Cyclopropane-Fused Cyclic Amidines: An Oxidative Carbanion Cyclization.
A novel and efficient one-pot method for the synthesis of cyclopropane-fused bicyclic amidines on the basis of a CuBr2 -mediated oxidative cyclization of carbanions that provides straightforward access to biologically active and pharmaceutically important 3-azabicyclo[n.1.0]alkane frameworks under mild conditions.
Photocatalytic Degradation of Indigo Carmine Dye Using Calcium Oxide
Calcium oxide was used as photocatalyst for the degradation of indigo carmine dye solution in the visible, long UV, and short UV radiation. We have investigated the effectiveness of degradation of
Silver oxide mediated novel SET oxidative cyclization: stereoselective synthesis of 3-azabicyclo[n.1.0]alkanes.
For the first time, silver oxide catalyzed SET-oxidative cyclization of an α-amidinoester tethered with an alkene, leading to a novel cyclopropane-fused cyclic amidine, allowing easy access to the pharmaceutically important 3-azabicyclo[n.1.0]alkane framework.
Heterocyclic Chiral Auxiliaries in Total Synthesis of Natural Products
This chapter will also focus on application of Enders’ SAMP/RAMP hydrazone, camphorsultam, phosphonamide, pyrimidinone, and oxazolinyl ketone as chiral auxiliaries in the total synthesis of natural products and bioactive molecules.
Optical Character Recognition—An Aid to Blind
The constructional details and experimental results of an inexpensive'optical character recognition system’ are presented and it is observed that the recognition of the character is independent of the scanning speed.