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Metabolic syndrome and metabolic abnormalities in bipolar disorder: a meta-analysis of prevalence rates and moderators.
The findings strongly support the claim that patients with bipolar disorder are at high risk for metabolic syndrome and related cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and require regular monitoring and adequate preventive efforts and treatment for cardio-metabolic risk factors. Expand
Randomized comparison of ultra-brief bifrontal and unilateral electroconvulsive therapy for major depression: cognitive side-effects.
Ulabrief pulse ECT, used either in combination with a UL electrode position and a stimulus of 6 times ST, or a BF electrode position with a stimuli of 1.5 timesST, are effective antidepressant techniques, that do not have a deleterious effect on cognitive function. Expand
Randomized comparison of ultra-brief bifrontal and unilateral electroconvulsive therapy for major depression: clinical efficacy.
Using an ultra-brief pulse width, both BF and UL-ECT are efficacious, although patients receiving UL-ect achieve response/remission-criteria after a smaller number of treatments. Expand
Relationship Between Hippocampal Volume, Serum BDNF, and Depression Severity Following Electroconvulsive Therapy in Late-Life Depression
Hippocampal volume increase following ECT is an independent neurobiological effect unrelated to sBDNF and depressive symptomatology, suggesting a complex mechanism of action of ECT in LLD. Expand
Process and Outcome in Psychodynamic Hospitalization-Based Treatment for Patients With a Personality Disorder
This study examined the relationship between the psychotherapeutic process and outcome in 44 patients who completed hospitalization-based psychodynamic treatment for personality disorders, and results showed improvement in symptoms, personality functioning, self and object relations and felt safety, but not in reflective functioning. Expand
Drive for thinness, affect regulation and physical activity in eating disorders: a daily life study.
Characteristics of physical activity were revealed that have not been identified with assessment methods that have a lower time resolution and also positive emotional states were significantly associated with physical activity within patients. Expand
Extrapyramidal symptoms during treatment of first schizophrenia episode: Results from EUFEST
In first-episode schizophrenia patients during the first year of antipsychotic treatment (in this case amisulpride, haloperidol in low doses, olanzapine, quetiapine and ziprasidone), EPS were present as manageable clinical problems. Expand
Appraisal-emotion relationships in daily life.
There are no one-to-one relationships between appraisal contents and specific emotional experiences, and it is suggested that specific emotions are associated with different appraisal contents, and that specific appraisals areassociated with different emotions. Expand
Clusterwise simultaneous component analysis for analyzing structural differences in multivariate multiblock data.
The key idea behind clusterwise SCA is that the data blocks form a few clusters, where data blocks that belong to the same cluster are modeled with SCA and thus have the same structure, and different clusters have different underlying structures. Expand
The co-occurrence of emotions in daily life: A multilevel approach
Zelenski and Larsen (2000) argued that a dimensional model may apply to emotional traits whereas a discrete model may apply to emotional states. This implies that between-subjects correlations amongExpand