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Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective
This book presents the strengths perspective as the unifying framework of the text to bridge the gap between 12-step approaches and harm reduction in addictions treatment. This perspective is appliedExpand
Restorative Justice
Abstract Restorative justice is the growing movement that aims to change the direction of criminal law by focusing it on the needs of victims and repairing communities. The focus of this article isExpand
Restorative Justice as Social Justice for Victims of Gendered Violence: A Standpoint Feminist Perspective
Because of an increasing awareness of inadequacies in the criminal justice system in meeting the needs of victims of crime, there is a growing movement to use alternative, more informal forms ofExpand
Working with Female Offenders: A Gender-Sensitive Approach
Preface vi Acknowledgments xiv About the Author xv Part I: Gender-Sensitive versus Gender-Neutral 1 Chapter 1: A Gendered Approach 3 Part II: Pathways to Crime 23 Chapter 2: Traditional andExpand
Confronting Oppression, Restoring Justice: From Policy Analysis to Social Action
Inevitably, reading is one of the requirements to be undergone. To improve the performance and quality, someone needs to have something new every day. It will suggest you to have more inspirations,Expand
Restorative justice today : practical applications
Foreword - Shadd Maruna Part I Overview: Introduction to Restorative Justice Chapter 1: Restorative Justice: Definition and Purpose - Lorenn Walker Box 1. Restorative Justice: What's That? HowardExpand
Restorative Justice: A Model for Social Work Practice With Families
Restorative justice is an innovative concept that has received some attention in the field of criminal justice but that has been largely overlooked in the social work literature. RestorativeExpand
The Case for Restorative Justice: A Crucial Adjunct to the Social Work Curriculum.
Abstract This paper discusses the significance of restorative justice practices and orientations for social work education. It describes the four basic forms of restorative justice-victim-offenderExpand
Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Macro Level: Groups, Communities, and Organizations
Each person is a unique individual, yet we are also defined by groups - those we belong to and those we are excluded from, voluntarily or involuntarily. In the second half of the human behaviour andExpand
Social Work with Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals: A Strengths Perspective
Most chapters include "Introduction," "Conclusion," and "Definition of Terms." Preface. I.THE CULTURAL CONTEXT. 1.Social Work Mission and Policies. Mass Media Images. Demographic Facts. The PoliticalExpand