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Predicting mechanical properties of compacts containing two components
The mechanical properties of tablets compacted from blends are generally not directly predictable from the mechanical properties of the individual components. This paper introduces aExpand
Porosity expansion of tablets as a result of bonding and deformation of particulate solids
Abstract This paper describes the tabletting process of y-sorbitol on the basis of the stress-deformation curve. This curve distinguishes between small, elastic deformation and large, viscousExpand
Influence of preadsorbed block copolymers on protein adsorption: surface properties, layer thickness, and surface coverage.
In this article the influence of preadsorbed block copolymers on lipase adsorption is studied. The Pluronic triblock copolymers used in this study (P75 and F108, respectively) both have oneExpand
Influence of flaws and crystal properties on particle fracture in a jet mill
Jet milling is commonly used for reducing the particle size of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Unfortunately, this process is sometimes difficult to control as pre-existing flaws and mechanicalExpand
Effect of water on deformation and bonding of pregelatinized starch compacts
This paper evaluates the tabletting process of pregelatinized starch with different moisture contents on the basis of the stress deformation curve. Simplification of the stress deformation curveExpand
Milling of Organic Solids in a Jet Mill. Part 1: Determination of the Selection Function and Related Mechanical Material Properties
The particle size distribution of pharmaceutically active materials and other fine chemicals determines the performance of the final product to a large extent. Often milling of these particles isExpand
A centrifuge method to measure particle cohesion forces to substrate surfaces: the use of a force distribution concept for data interpretation.
To characterize particle-particle adhesion, measurements with atomic force microscopy (AFM) and a centrifuge method were performed using microcrystalline cellulose as model material and a force distribution concept (FDC) was used in the interpretation of the results. Expand
Numerical study of agglomerate abrasion in a tumbling mixer
Abstract A numerical simulation using the Discrete Element Method (DEM) was performed to investigate the phenomena concerning the abrasion and breakage of agglomerates in a diffusion powder mixer.Expand
Effect of Compaction Temperature on Consolidation of Amorphous Copolymers with Different Glass Transition Temperatures
The compaction experiments show that the final tablet porosity is completely determined by stress relaxation phenomena, which implies that tablet production at a temperature of about 20 K under the glass transition temperature of the material yields tablets with minimum porosity. Expand