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Adaptive reuse as a strategy towards conservation of cultural heritage: a literature review
The paper presents a survey of scholarly literature on the subject of adaptive reuse within the discipline of heritage conservation and architecture. The different theories are compared andExpand
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Altering existing buildings for new functions is not a new phenomenon; in the past buildings that were structurally secure have been adapted to fit changed needs or new functions without questions orExpand
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Retail design: lighting as an atmospheric tool, creating experiences which influence consumers’ mood and behaviour in commercial spaces
Retail design is no new discipline, but a scientific approach is of rather recent date. Since atmosphere has been proven to have an influence on consumer’s behaviour from a marketing point of view,Expand
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A Holistic Framework for Conceptualizing Customer Experiences in Retail Environments
IntroductionCompeting in today's global economy is becoming increasingly difficult. As customers often perceive products and services as homogeneous, retailers and designers try to differentiateExpand
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As real as it gets: What role does lighting have on consumer's perception of atmosphere, emotions and behaviour?
To study the impact of lighting on atmosphere perception, emotions and behaviour of consumers in a realistic setting, an experiment was conducted in a three-dimensional simulated supermarket in whichExpand
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Influencing consumer reactions towards a tidy versus a messy store using pleasant ambient scents
Although retailers know that consumers do not like cluttered stores, messy layouts are sometimes inevitable. This research examines whether diffusing pleasant scents can overcome consumers' negativeExpand
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The influence of lighting in the build environment: a study to analyse human behaviour and perception as measured by mood and observation
My research involves understanding human movement through lighting. For ages people have been attracted by light, either by fire, candles or more recently lamp bulbs. Out of this point of view theExpand
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Retail design, experience economy and the greying population: a European perspective
Elderly people (often defined as people aged 65 years and older) are a rapidly growing segment of the current world population (UN, 2007). This demographic shift creates opportunities and challengesExpand
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Conservation/Adaptation. Keeping alive the spirit of the place. Adaptive reuse of heritage with symbolic value.
Copyright and moral rights to this thesis/research project are retained by the author and/or other copyright owners. The work is supplied on the understanding that any use for commercial gain isExpand
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