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Evolution of the arginine kinase gene family.
Evolution and Divergence of the Genes for Cytoplasmic, Mitochondrial, and Flagellar Creatine Kinases
Comparison of the structure of the genes for selected cytoplasmic, mitochondrial, and flagellar CKs revealed two identical intron boundaries, further reinforcing the notion of a common evolutionary origin, but also showed patterns of changes in structure consistent with each gene type.
Origin and properties of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial isoforms of taurocyamine kinase
It appears that the annelid‐specific phosphagen kinases, including cytoplasmic and mitochondrial TKs, evolved from a CK‐like ancestor(s) early in the divergence of the protostome metazoans.
Evolution of the diverse array of phosphagen systems present in annelids.
Evolution of the Cytoplasmic and Mitochondrial Phosphagen Kinases Unique to Annelid Groups
The intron/exon organization of the genes for the following phosphagen kinases, including Eisenia LK, Sabellastarte AK, and Arenicola mitochondrial TK (MiTK), are determined, supporting the view that the MiCK gene is basal and ancestral to the phosphagenKinases unique to annelids.