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Investigations of doses on board commercial passenger aircraft using CR-39 and thermoluminescent detectors.
Measurements of cosmic radiation dose rates (from the neutron and the non-neutron components) on board passenger aircraft were performed using environmental packages with thermoluminescent TL and CR-39 etched track detectors, agreeing to within 10% with values calculated from the CARI-6 code. Expand
Measurement with Bonner spheres spectrometer in pulsed neutron fields
Paper presents results of measurements of neutron spectra with Bonner spheres spectrometer around radiotherapeutic linac producing undesirable photoneutrons and around plasma focus device PF-1000 inExpand
The contribution of secondary heavy particles to the absorbed dose from high-energy photon beams.
It has been ascertained that the contribution of secondary heavy particles represents approximately 0.002 of the photon dose and 0.02 of the equivalent dose, both at 50 MeV as maximum photon energy. Expand
Ion acceleration and neutron production in hybrid gas-puff z-pinches on the GIT-12 and HAWK generators
Z-pinch experiments with a hybrid configuration of a deuterium gas puff have been carried out on the HAWK (NRL, Washington, DC) and GIT-12 (IHCE, Tomsk) pulsed power generators at 0.7 MA and 3 MAExpand
A radon 222 traceability chain from primary standard to field detectors.
The development of a primary standard from a method for measuring the absolute activity of 222Rn has also made it possible to establish secondary standards, adapted to the requirements of laboratories that have developed equipment for the calibration and comparison of instruments measuring the concentration of radon and its daughters. Expand
Efficient generation of fast neutrons by magnetized deuterons in an optimized deuterium gas-puff z-pinch
Z-pinch experiments with deuterium gas puffs have been carried out on the GIT-12 generator at 3 MA currents. Recently, a novel configuration of a deuterium gas-puff z-pinch was used to accelerateExpand
Spectra of photoneutrons produced by high-energy X-ray radiotherapy linacs.
Spectral fluence of photoneutrons generated in the head of the radiotherapeutic linac Varian 2100 C/D was measured by means of the Bonner spheres spectrometer whose active detector of thermalExpand
Performance tests and comparison of microdosimetric measurements with four tissue-equivalent proportional counters in scanning proton therapy
Abstract This paper compares the performance of four different Tissue-Equivalent proportional counters (TEPC) first in standard radiation fields, with gamma and neutron sources, then in the mixed andExpand
Characterisation of neutron fields around high-energy x-ray radiotherapy machines.
Photoneutron spectra around the treatment bed of a Varian Clinac 2100C machine were measured using a Bonner sphere spectrometer with results derived from the neutron spectra. Expand