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The Many Constitutions of Europe
Contents: Editor's preface Part I Multi-Dimensionality of European Constitutionalism: The many constitutions of Europe, Kaarlo Tuori A default constitutionalism? A disquieting note on Europe's manyExpand
The Eurozone Crisis: A Constitutional Analysis
Part I. Setting the Scene: 1. Introduction: framework of the analysis 2. Two layers of the European economic constitution 3. Towards the crisis: an economic narrative 4. Responses to the crisis PartExpand
Critical Legal Positivism
Contents: Introduction: Modern law and its problems. Three Narratives of Modern Law: Max Weber: the formal rationality of modern law Francois Ewald: the rationality of the norm JA rgen Habermas: theExpand
Ratio and Voluntas: The Tension Between Reason and Will in Law
  • K. Tuori
  • Political Science
  • 28 December 2010
Contents: Preface Prologue: Two challengers of normative legal scholarship Part I The Historical and Cultural Dependence of the Law's Ratio: The traditions of law The heritage of the historicalExpand
Ultima Ratio as a Constitutional Principle
The paper argues the criminal law notion of ultima ratio is an instance of a broader constitutional law principle of proportionality. However, ultima ratio is not the only principle relevant in aExpand
European Social Constitution: Between Solidarity and Access Justice
Is there a social dimension in the European constitution or—if you prefer another expression—a European social constitution? And if there is, what are its characteristic features? On the basis ofExpand
The European Financial Crisis: Constitutional Aspects and Implications
With its provisions on the EMU, the Maastricht Treaty introduced a new, ’macroeconomic’ layer into the European economic constitution. The Maastricht layer of the European economic constitution wasExpand
Whose voluntas, what ratio?: Law in the state tradition
  • K. Tuori
  • Political Science
  • 31 December 2018
Post-national developments have questioned the dominance of state will and lead to an increasing separation of the institutional locus of legal voluntarism and coercion. However, this articleExpand
Two Challenges to Normative Legal Scholarship
1 The Internal and External Perspective on Law 178 2 Legal Science in Legal Discourse 181 3 Norms and Facts 186 4 What can Legal Science Learn from Social Science? 190 5 The Critic’s Narrative of LawExpand
Transnational law: on legal hybrids and legal perspectivism