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Observation of faster-than-diffusion magnetic field penetration into a plasma
Spatially and temporally resolved spectroscopic measurements of the magnetic field, electron density, and turbulent electric fields are used to study the interaction between a pulsed magnetic field
Controlling atomic vapor density in paraffin-coated cells using light-induced atomic desorption
Atomic-vapor density change due to light induced atomic desorption (LIAD) is studied in paraffincoated rubidium, cesium, sodium and potassium cells. In the present experiment, low-intensity probe
Spectroscopic method for measuring plasma magnetic fields having arbitrary distributions of direction and amplitude.
An approach for measurements of magnetic fields, based on the comparison of the magnetic-field-induced contributions to the line shapes of different fine-structure components of an atomic multiplet,
Investigation of the ion dynamics in a multispecies plasma under pulsed magnetic fields
The interaction between a moving magnetic-field front and a low-collisionality plasma consisting of different ion species is investigated using spatially and temporally resolved spectroscopic
Observation of a large atomic parity violation effect in ytterbium.
Atomic parity violation has been observed in the 6s(2 1)S(0)-->5d6s(3)D(1) 408-nm forbidden transition of ytterbium, which constitutes the largest atomic parity-violating amplitude yet observed.
High energy heavy ion jets emerging from laser plasma generated by long pulse laser beams from the NHELIX laser system at GSI
High energy heavy ions were generated in laser produced plasma at moderate laser energy, with a large focal spot size of 0.5 mm diameter. The laser beam was provided by the 10 GW GSI-NHELIX laser
Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation and Zeeman and hyperfine relaxation of potassium atoms in a paraffin-coated cell
Nonlinear magneto-optical Faraday rotation (NMOR) on the potassium D1 and D2 lines was used to study Zeeman relaxation rates in an antirelaxation paraffin-coated 3-cm-diameter potassium vapor cell.
Plasma dynamics in pulsed strong magnetic fields
Recent investigations of the interaction of fast-rising magnetic fields with multi-species plasmas at densities of 1013–1015 cm−3 are described. The configurations studied are planar or coaxial
Electric fields in plasmas under pulsed currents.
The measured peak magnitude and propagation velocity of the electric field is found to match those of the Hall electric field, inferred from the magnetic-field front propagation measured previously.
Spectroscopic investigations of a dielectric-surface-discharge plasma source
Spectroscopic investigations of the properties of a plasma produced by a flashboard plasma source, commonly used in pulsed plasma experiments, are presented. The plasma is used to prefill a planar