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Probability distributions of surface gravity waves during spectral changes
Simulations have been performed with a fairly narrow band numerical gravity wave model (higher-order nls type) and a computational domain of dimensions $128\times 128$ typical wavelengths. TheExpand
Statistical properties of mechanically generated surface gravity waves: a laboratory experiment in a three-dimensional wave basin
A wave basin experiment has been performed in the MARINTEK laboratories, in one of the largest existing three-dimensional wave tanks in the world. The aim of the experiment is to investigate theExpand
A modified nonlinear Schrödinger equation for broader bandwidth gravity waves on deep water
Abstract The modified nonlinear Schrodinger equation of Dysthe [ Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Ser. A, 369 , 105–114 (1979)] is extended by relaxing the narrow bandwidth constraint to make it more suitableExpand
Some breather type solutions of the NLS equation have been suggested by Henderson et al (to appear in Wave Motion) as models for a class of 'freak' wave events seen in 2D-simulations on surfaceExpand
Evolution of a narrow-band spectrum of random surface gravity waves
Numerical simulations of the evolution of gravity wave spectra of fairly narrow bandwidth have been performed both for two and three dimensions. Simulations using the nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS)Expand
Evolution of weakly nonlinear random directional waves: laboratory experiments and numerical simulations
Nonlinear modulational instability of wavepackets is one of the mechanisms responsible for the formation of large-amplitude water waves. Here, mechanically generated waves in a three-dimensionalExpand
On weakly nonlinear modulation of waves on deep water
We propose a new approach for modeling weakly nonlinear waves, based on enhancing truncated amplitude equations with exact linear dispersion. Our example is based on the nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS)Expand
Frequency downshift in three-dimensional wave trains in a deep basin
The conservative evolution of weakly nonlinear narrow-banded gravity waves in deep water is investigated numerically with a modified nonlinear Schrodinger equation, for application to wide waveExpand
Laboratory evidence of freak waves provoked by non-uniform bathymetry
We show experimental evidence that as relatively long unidirectional waves propagate over a sloping bottom, from a deeper to a shallower domain, there can be a local maximum of kurtosis and skewnessExpand
Statistical properties of directional ocean waves: the role of the modulational instability in the formation of extreme events.
We discuss two independent, large scale experiments performed in two wave basins of different dimensions in which the statistics of the surface wave elevation are addressed. Both facilities areExpand