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Dietary (n-3) fatty acids affect rat heart, liver and aorta protective enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation.
In a 16-wk study, weanling Wistar rats (32 males and 32 females) were fed a modified AIN-76 diet containing 20% fat with various (n-3) fatty acids. All dietary fats provided the same amount ofExpand
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Dietary Iodine and selenium interact to affect thyroid hormone metabolism of rats.
The interaction of dietary selenium and iodine on the activities of the selenoenzymes, selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), and type I deiodinase (DI-I), and the thyroid hormonesExpand
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Influence of feeding alkaline/heat processed proteins on growth and protein and mineral status of rats.
Effects of feeding alkaline (0.1 N NaOH) and heat treated (75 degrees C for 3 h) proteins (lactalbumin and soybean protein isolate, SPI) on growth, and protein and mineral status of rats have beenExpand
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Motives for Arson (Fire Raising)
Using a sample of imprisoned arsonists, an attempt is made to present a more refined classification of motivation than has been offered in the past. The need for psychiatric opinion on all arsonistsExpand
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Variation of rat serum biochemical values following decapitation or anesthesia with ether, halothane or Innovar-VetR: rapid Innovar-VetR-induced hyperuricemia and hyperglycemia.
True reference values (TRV) should ultimately be determined in blood from inactive, unstimulated rats but in practice, acceptable reference values (ARV) may be established using blood fromExpand
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Copper Chaperone for Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase is a sensitive biomarker of mild copper deficiency induced by moderately high intakes of zinc
BackgroundSmall increases in zinc (Zn) consumption above recommended amounts have been shown to reduce copper (Cu) status in experimental animals and humans. Recently, we have reported that copperExpand
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The Selenium Content of Canadian Infant Formulas and Breast Milk
Abstract Selenium was determined in infant formulas sold in Canada and compared with the selenium content of Canadian breast milk samples. Formulas were purchased in the Ottawa area during 1992Expand
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The effects of vitamin E and selenium intake on oxidative stress and plasma lipids in hamsters fed fish oil
The aim of the present work was to test the effects of large-dose supplementation of vitamin E (Vit E) and selenium (Se), either singly or in combination, on fish oil (FO)-induced tissue lipidExpand
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Diet Can Prevent Diabetes in the BB Rat
When compared with laboratory chow, a defined, semipurified diet prevented diabetes, reduced the frequency of insulitis, increased thymus weight and total white blood cell count, and doubled thymusExpand
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Time course of serum glucoregulatory variables and lipids following neonatal thymectomy of diabetes-prone and control BB Wistar rats fed a defined diet.
The acute diabetic syndrome in the BB Wistar rat resembles human type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, including a possible association with T cell-mediated, (auto)immune processes. In most previousExpand
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