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Geotechnical, mechanical, chemical and mineralogical characterization of a lateritic gravels of Sapouy (Burkina Faso) used in road construction
Abstract Geotechnical and mechanical tests conducted on lateritic gravels of Burkina Faso showed that this material presents: fines (10.5 wt.%), plasticity index (10.5%), Californian Bearing RatioExpand
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Gehlenite and anorthite crystallisation from kaolinite and calcite mix
Abstract Clay products can be reinforced by using clay and calcite mixes, even if sintering is at low temperature (1100 °C). The formation of a micro-composite microstructure favours a significantExpand
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Faune ichtyologique des eaux douces d'Afrique de l'Ouest
Durant ces 15 dernières années, la région d'Afrique de l'Ouest qui s'étend au sud du Sahara, du bassin du Sénégal au nord-ouest au bassin tchadien au nord-est et à la rivière Cross (Cameroun-Nigéria)Expand
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Low temperature sintering of a pottery clay from Burkina Faso
The sintering at 1000°C of a clay raw material for pottery mixed with calcite was studied to increase the mechanical characteristics of the fired product. The kaolinitic clay used comes from a largeExpand
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Significance of kinetic theories on the recrystallization of kaolinite
Abstract Mathematical methods have been extensively used for the analysis of data obtained from non-isothermal thermal analysis of kaolinite or other clay minerals and Kissinger description isExpand
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Structural transformation of a kaolinite and calcite mixture to gehlenite and anorthite
Kaolinite mixed with calcite was sintered at low temperature (1100 °C; 5 °C/min). The successive phase transformations are metakaolinite to gehlenite and then anorthite, although the available phaseExpand
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Permeability to water of sintered clay ceramics
The microstructural characteristics of sintered clay ceramics depend mainly on the clay type and thermal transformations. Different pore morphology and connectivity change the liquid water flowExpand
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Mineralogy of clay raw material from Burkina Faso and Niger used for ceramic wares
Abstract Some clay deposits in West Africa provide raw materials for the local and traditional manufacture of ceramic products. We selected three clays in Burkina Faso, with the references ROG, GRIExpand
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Sintering of a clay from Burkina Faso by dilatometry Influence of the applied load and the pre-sintering heating rate
The sintering of a pottery clay from Burkina Faso was studied as a function of the heating rate, at 3 or 10°C/min. The experimental method used was loading dilatometry in isothermal conditions atExpand
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La flore adventice sous palmeraie, a ete evaluee a partir d'un echantillonnage stratifie, a l'aide de 4 parametres ecologiques. Ainsi, 164 especes d'adventices ont ete recensees sur deux sitesExpand
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