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A methodology for evaluation of metal forming system design and performance via CAE simulation
In the current metal forming product development paradigm, product cost, time-to-market and product quality are three overriding issues, which determine the competitiveness of the developed products.Expand
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Large scale antenna arrays with increasing antennas in limited physical space
Large Scale multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems have recently emerged as a promising technology for 5G communications. While they have been shown to offer significant performance benefitsExpand
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Measurement and analysis of the radar signature of a new type of wind turbine
We present the results of measurements of the radar signature of a new type of wind turbine, named the Wind Lens. This design includes a shroud around the turbine which concentrates the wind flowExpand
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Development of a hybrid microwave-optical tissue oxygenation probe to measure thermal response in the deep tissue.
The design of a new non-invasive hybrid microwave-optical tissue oxygenation probe is presented, which consists of a microwave biocompatible antenna and an optical probe. The microwave antenna isExpand
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Feasibility study of multi-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar for rotary UAV platforms
In this paper the feasibility of a multi-frequency and adaptive mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for detection of Landmines and IEDs is presented and analysed. The design and analysis of the GPRExpand
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CAE enabled methodology for die fatigue life analysis and improvement
Die performance and its service life are a non-trivial issue in metal-forming industry due to three overriding issues in this industry cluster: productivity, cost and quality are mainly dependent onExpand
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An Improved Wireless Communication Fabric for Performance Aware Network-on-Chip Architectures
Existing wireless communication interface has free space signal radiation which drastically reduces the received signal strength and hence reduces the throughput efficiency of Hybrid Wired-WirelessExpand
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Exploiting Transmit Correlation and Mutual Coupling in MIMO Transmitters
We explore the potential of advantageously utilizing transmit correlation and mutual coupling in large-scale multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmitters using low complexity closed formExpand
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Electromagnetic characterisation of terrain for unconventional petroleum exploration
A method to characterize the electromagnetic (EM) signature of barefaced terrain using 3D computer electromagnetic models (CEM) for radar applications is presented. Five barefaced terrain types withExpand
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