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Speech parameter generation algorithms for HMM-based speech synthesis
This paper derives a speech parameter generation algorithm for HMM-based speech synthesis, in which the speech parameter sequence is generated from HMMs whose observation vector consists of aExpand
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Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis
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Simultaneous modeling of spectrum, pitch and duration in HMM-based speech synthesis
In this paper, we describe an HMM-based speech synthesis system in which spectrum, pitch and state duration are modeled simultaneously in a unified framework of HMM. In the system, pitch and stateExpand
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The HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS) version 2.0
A statistical parametric speech synthesis system based on hidden Markov models (HMMs) has grown in popularity over the last few years. This system simultaneously models spectrum, excitation, andExpand
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Mel-generalized cepstral analysis - a unified approach to speech spectral estimation
The generalized cepstral analysis method is viewed as a unified approach to the cepstral method and the linear prediction method, in which the model spectrum varies continuously from all-pole toExpand
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Statistical mapping between articulatory movements and acoustic spectrum using a Gaussian mixture model
In this paper, we describe a statistical approach to both an articulatory-to-acoustic mapping and an acoustic-to-articulatory inversion mapping without using phonetic information. The jointExpand
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Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis
This paper gives a general overview of techniques in statistical parametric speech synthesis. One of the instances of these techniques, called HMM-based generation synthesis (or simply HMM-basedExpand
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An adaptive algorithm for mel-cepstral analysis of speech
The authors describe a mel-cepstral analysis method and its adaptive algorithm. In the proposed method, the authors apply the criterion used in the unbiased estimation of log spectrum to the spectralExpand
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A Speech Parameter Generation Algorithm Considering Global Variance for HMM-Based Speech Synthesis
This paper describes a novel parameter generation algorithm for an HMM-based speech synthesis technique. The conventional algorithm generates a parameter trajectory of static features that maximizesExpand
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Multi-Space Probability Distribution HMM
This paper proposes a new kind of hidden Markov model (HMM) based on multi-space probability distribution, and derives a parameter estimation algorithm for the extended HMM. HMMs are widely usedExpand
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