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Probing Muonphilic Force Carriers and Dark Matter at Kaon Factories.
It is shown that for invisible X decays, a dedicated single muon trigger analysis at NA62 could probe much of the remaining (g-2)_{μ} favored parameter space, and that NA62 is also sensitive to the standard model predicted rate for K→3μν, which has never been measured.
Gauge invariant Barr-Zee type contributions to fermionic EDMs in the two-Higgs doublet models
A bstractWe calculate all gauge invariant Barr-Zee type contributions to fermionic electric dipole moments (EDMs) in the two-Higgs doublet models (2HDM) with softly broken Z2 symmetry. We start by
Searching for dark absorption with direct detection experiments
A bstractWe consider the absorption by bound electrons of dark matter in the form of dark photons and axion-like particles, as well as of dark photons from the Sun, in current and next-generation
Constraining the charm Yukawa and Higgs-quark coupling universality
We introduce four different types of data-driven analyses with different level of robustness that constrain the size of the Higgs-charm Yukawa coupling: (i) recasting the vector-boson associated, Vh,
Improved discovery of a nearly degenerate model: MUED using MT2 at the LHC
We study the discovery potential of the Minimal Universal Extra Dimension model (MUED) and improve it utilizing the multijet + lepton mode at the LHC. Since the MUED has a nearly degenerate spectrum,
New axion searches at flavor factories
A bstractWe assess the impact of searches at flavor factories for new neutral resonances that couple to both photons and gluons. These are well motivated by “heavy axion” solutions of the strong CP
Prospects for measuring the Higgs boson coupling to light quarks
We discuss the prospects to probe the light-quark Yukawa couplings to the Higgs boson. The Higgs coupling to the charm quark can be probed both via inclusive and exclusive approaches. On the
KOTO vs. NA62 dark scalar searches
The two kaon factories, KOTO and NA62, are at the cutting edge of the intensity frontier, with an unprecedented numbers of long lived and charged Kaons, ~ 10^{13}, being measured and analyzed. These
New LHC bound on low-mass diphoton resonances
Abstract We derive a new bound on diphoton resonances using inclusive diphoton cross section measurements at the LHC, in the so-far poorly constrained mass range between the ϒ and the SM Higgs. This
Dynamics of relaxed inflation
A bstractThe cosmological relaxation of the electroweak scale has been proposed as a mechanism to address the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model. A field, the relaxion, rolls down its potential