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Essential oils from roots of certain Heracleum species
  • K. Tkachenko
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Natural Compounds
  • 24 September 2009
The component composition of essential oils from roots of Heracleum L. (Apiaceae) has been mentioned rarely in the literature [1–6]. The composition and dynamics of the principal components ofExpand
Essential Oils of Salvia sclarea L. Produced from Plants Grown in Southern Uzbekistan
The composition of the essential oils obtained from different parts of both wild and cultivated forms of Salvia sclarea L. were investigated and it was found that the oil composition was not influenced by the part of the plant from which oil was obtained, except for the leaves. Expand
Changes in content and chemical composition of Dracocephalum moldavica L. essential oil at different harvest dates
Dracocephalum moldavica L. (Lamiaceae = Labiatae) is one of the most important medicinal plants has powerful biological activity and pharmacological properties. The chemical constituents of essentialExpand
Composition of the Essential Oils of Heracleum stevenii Manden.
ABSTRACT The essential oils from different parts (roots, leaves, stem, buds and flowers) of Hogweed (Heracleum stevenii Manden.) cultivated in St. Petersburg region, were collected by waterExpand
Chemical Composition of the Leaf Oil of Myrrhis odorata (L.) Scop.
ABSTRACT The leaf oil of Myrrhis odorata (L.) Scop., which was cultivated in the Botanical Gardens, was produced by water distillation. The oil composition of M. odorata was analyzed by means of GCExpand
Essential oils from leaves of several Heracleum species growing in Leningrad Oblast
  • K. Tkachenko
  • Biology
  • Chemistry of Natural Compounds
  • 25 May 2010
The goal was to study the component composition of essential oil from leaves of several Heracleum (Apiaceae) species introduced to Leningrad Oblast and show that each cow-parsnip had a unique characteristic set of compounds. Expand
Constituents of Essential Oils from Fruit of Some Heracleum L. Species
ABSTRACT The essential oils of the fruit of Heracleum nanum Satzyperova, H. leskovii Grossh., grandiflorum Stev. ex Bieb., H. moellendorfii Hance, H. dulce Fisch, and H. mantegazzianum Somm. etExpand
Antiviral Activity of the Essential Oils of Some Heracleum L. Species
Results of the study indicated that the essential oil could be effectively used as a disinfectant for sanitation of lodgings and other materials and the most active antiviral activity was in oil from H. lehmannianum, H. ponticum, and H. aconitifolium. Expand