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A Rapid Method for Determining the Extractives Content of Wood Pulp
Accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) with acetone is used to extract thermomechanical wood pulp (TMP). The quantity of extracts obtained through ASE is compared with that acquired using acetone inExpand
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Universal acoustic flame detection for modified supercritial fluid chromatography.
A novel detector, based on the frequency of acoustic emissions from an oscillating premixed hydrogen/oxygen flame, has been characterized for use in supercritical-fluid chromatography (SFC). When anExpand
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Extraction of transition metals from wood pulp fibers using supercritical carbon dioxide
The supercritical fluid extraction of manganese and iron from solid matrix (wood pulp) is demonstrated experimentally. Supercritical carbon diodixe is used together with lithium bis(trifluoroethyl)Expand
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Separation of linear gramicidins using carbon dioxide-containing mobile phases
Packed-column supercritical-fluid chromatography (pSFC) is presented as a novel method for separating and analyzing gramicidin samples. By use of methanol-modified carbon dioxide as a mobile phaseExpand
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Improved micro-flame detection method for gas chromatography
Abstract A previously developed micro-counter-current flame method is modified to provide both sensitive photometric and ionization detection for gas chromatography (GC). A stainless steel capillaryExpand
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Acoustic methods of detection in gas chromatography.
  • C. Mah, K. Thurbide
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Journal of separation science
  • 1 August 2006
A brief review of the use of acoustic detection methods in GC is presented. Expand
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Novel flame photometric detector for gas chromatography based on counter-current gas flows.
A novel analytical device has been developed for gas chromatography. It is based on optical emission from a counter-current (i.e. counter-flowing) air or oxygen flame, which burns in an opposingExpand
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Carbon response characteristics of a micro-flame ionization detector.
The carbon response characteristics of a recently noted micro-flame ionization detector (muFID) mode are examined in detail. The muFID supports an extremely small (30nL) "upside-down" flame that isExpand
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Detector for liquid chromatography based on acoustic emissions from an oscillating flame.
The acoustic flame detector (AFD) is examined as a novel detector for liquid chromatography (LC). It is based upon the acoustic emission frequency of an oscillating hydrogen/oxygen premixed flame andExpand
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Rapid column heating method for subcritical water chromatography.
A novel resistive heating method is presented for subcritical water chromatography (SWC) that provides higher column heating rates than those conventionally obtained from temperature-programmed gasExpand
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