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Catch crops and green manures as biological tools in nitrogen management in temperate zones
During the last decades a lot of research have been made on the use of cover crops. Cover crops are grown for many purposes, but most of the resent interest have focused on their effects on nitrogen.Expand
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Are differences in root growth of nitrogen catch crops important for their ability to reduce soil nitrate-N content, and how can this be measured?
An experiment was made to measure root growth of nitrogen catch crops, to investigate whether differences in root growth among plant species are related to their ability to deplete the soil nitrate-NExpand
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Uptake of15N labeled nitrate by root systems of sweet corn, carrot and white cabbage from 0.2–2.5 meters depth
Leaching of NO3− from vegetable cropping systems can be very high compared to arable systems. This is a problem for vegetable growers in general as it decreases groundwater quality, and for organicExpand
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Root Growth and Nitrate Uptake of Three Different Catch Crops in Deep Soil Layers
Catch crops can reduce NO3 losses from leaching, but little is known about the importance of deep rooting for the efficiency of NO3 depletion. In a field experiment, we investigated the N uptake andExpand
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Root growth and nitrogen uptake of carrot, early cabbage, onion and lettuce following a range of green manures
An experiment was performed to study the significance of rooting depth of four vegetable crops on their utilization of green manure nitrogen (N). Rates of rooting depth development were estimated asExpand
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Winter wheat roots grow twice as deep as spring wheat roots, is this important for N uptake and N leaching losses?
Cropping systems comprising winter catch crops followed by spring wheat could reduce N leaching risks compared to traditional winter wheat systems in humid climates. We studied the soil mineral NExpand
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Effect of deep and shallow root systems on the dynamics of soil inorganic N during 3-year crop rotations
Unused inorganic nitrogen (Ninorg) left in agricultural soils will typically leach to deeper soil layers. If it moves below the root zone it will be lost from the system, but the depth of the rootExpand
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Green manuring effect of pure and mixed barley – hairy vetch winter cover crops on maize and processing tomato N nutrition
Abstract Adopting mixtures between legumes and non legumes can be an efficient tool to merge the advantages of the single species in the fall-sown cover crop practice. Nevertheless there is a lack ofExpand
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Crop yield, root growth, and nutrient dynamics in a conventional and three organic cropping systems with different levels of external inputs and N re-cycling through fertility building crops
Abstract One of the core ideas behind organic production is that cropping systems should be less dependent on import of resources, and minimize negative effects on the surrounding environmentExpand
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The Effect of Nitrogen Catch Crops on the Nitrogen Nutrition of a Succeeding Crop: I. Effects through Mineralization and Pre-emptive Competition
Abstract The effects of catch crops on the nitrogen nutrition of a succeeding carrot crop were investigated. An attempt was made to distinguish the effects of growth and nitrogen uptake by the catchExpand
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