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From broken windows to a renovated research agenda: A review of the literature on vandalism and graffiti in the rail industry
The execution of vandalism and graffiti on rail property has a significant impact on rail authorities, the patronisation of rail services, expenditure, and the timely operation of services. There areExpand
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The Paradoxes of Football Spectatorship: On-Field and Online Expressions of Social Capital Among the ¿Grog Squad¿
In this article we examine the cultural practices of a group of South Australian football supporters known as the “Grog Squad.” While hard drinking is undeniably a central part of this group ofExpand
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9. Theorising Rider-Horse Relations: An Ethnographic Illustration Of The Centaur Metaphor In The Spanish Bullfight
This chapter demonstrates the ways in which the centaur metaphor conveys the transformative and generative nature of the rider-horse relationship. In so doing, it suggests that there is an inherentExpand
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Everyday risks and professional dilemmas: fieldwork with alcohol-based (sporting) subcultures
This article discusses some of the everyday risks and professional dilemmas encountered when conducting participant-observation based research into the use and meaning of alcohol among fans ofExpand
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Save me, save my dog: Increasing natural disaster preparedness and survival by addressing human-animal relationships
The willingness of people to risk their own lives during disasters to save those of animals has been well documented. Existing research characterises animals and pet ownership as risk factors forExpand
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I can sit but I’d rather stand: commuter’s experience of crowdedness and fellow passenger behaviour in carriages on Australian metropolitan trains
For many people in Australia, crowding is a major issue and an unavoidable aspect of their daily rail commute. Australian passenger experiences, perceptions of, and their reactions to crowding areExpand
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Helmet Use Amongst Equestrians: Harnessing Social and Attitudinal Factors Revealed in Online Forums
Simple Summary Epidemiological research details a high rate of horse-related injury, despite technical countermeasures being widely available and largely affordable. Whilst barriers to engaging inExpand
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The Prevalence and Implications of Human–Animal Co-Sleeping in an Australian Sample
ABSTRACT Sleep research is characterized by an interest in humans, with the realm of animal sleep left largely to ethologists and animal scientists. However, the lives of sleep-study participants andExpand
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Drinkers, non‐drinkers and deferrers: Reconsidering the beer/footy couplet amongst Australian Rules football fans
There is a common perception that football and alcohol go hand in hand and that players and fans routinely engage in excessive and irresponsible drinking. In Australia, this is manifest in theExpand
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How can a donkey fly on the plane? The benefits and limits of animal therapy with refugees
Background Humanitarian migrants experience higher rates of mental illness than the resident population, limiting their social and economic opportunities and contributions. Effective interventionsExpand
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