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The Effect of Two Plyometric Training Techniques on Muscular Power and Agility in Youth Soccer Players
Thomas, K, French, D, and Hayes, PR. The effect of two plyometric training techniques on muscular power and agility in youth soccer players. J Strength Cond Res 23(1): 332-335, 2009-The aim of thisExpand
Time-motion analysis of acceleration demands of 4v4 small-sided soccer games played on different pitch sizes.
We aimed to quantify the time-motion characteristics and technical demands of small-sided soccer games (SSGs) played on small, medium and large pitches using a high frequency non-differential globalExpand
Effects of deception on exercise performance: implications for determinants of fatigue in humans.
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate whether it was possible to reduce the time taken to complete a 4000-m cycling time trial by misleading participants into believing they were racingExpand
Central and peripheral fatigue in male cyclists after 4-, 20-, and 40-km time trials.
PURPOSE Few studies have assessed neuromuscular fatigue after self-paced locomotor exercise; moreover, none have assessed the degree of supraspinal fatigue. This study assessed central and peripheralExpand
Etiology and Recovery of Neuromuscular Fatigue following Competitive Soccer Match-Play
Aim: Previous research into the etiology of neuromuscular fatigue following competitive soccer match-play has primarily focused on peripheral perturbations, with limited research assessing centralExpand
Consistency of perceptual and metabolic responses to a laboratory-based simulated 4,000-m cycling time trial
Although pacing-related research is widely reported, no studies have described the consistency of pacing strategies or their associated energetic contributions. This study aimed to investigate theExpand
Intensity-Dependent Contribution of Neuromuscular Fatigue after Constant-Load Cycling.
PURPOSE We tested the hypothesis that central and peripheral fatigue after constant-load cycling exercise would vary with exercise intensity and duration. METHODS Twelve well-trained male cyclistsExpand
Reproducibility of pacing strategy during simulated 20-km cycling time trials in well-trained cyclists
The aim of the study was to assess the reproducibility of pacing strategy, physiological and perceptual responses during simulated 20-km cycling time trials. Seventeen well-trained male cyclists ($$Expand
Neuromuscular fatigability during repeated-sprint exercise in male athletes.
PURPOSE This study aimed to determine the pattern of neuromuscular fatigability that manifests during repeated-sprint running exercise. METHODS Twelve male participants (mean ± SD: age, 25 ± 6 yr;Expand
Etiology and Recovery of Neuromuscular Fatigue after Simulated Soccer Match Play
Purpose We profiled the etiology and recovery of neuromuscular fatigue after simulated soccer match play. Methods Fifteen semiprofessional players completed a 90-min simulated soccer match. Before,Expand