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Estimating body size in apoid wasps: the significance of linear variables in a morphologically diverse taxon (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)
We compared nine linear measures of body size and their appropriateness as estimators for body size in apoid wasps. A correlation and a multiple regression analysis with backward elimination ofExpand
Speculative Before the Turn: Reintroducing Feminist Materialist Performativity
Before the trains of thought have been firmly laid down, we ask in this article about the very nature and histories of the speculative of the speculative-materialist turn. We do this from the interExpand
Pushing Dualisms and Differences: From ‘Equality versus Difference’ to ‘Nonmimetic Sharing’ and ‘Staying with the Trouble’
Abstract Critically revisiting the ‘equality versus difference’ dualism that is inscribed in the feminist canon of the last decades is an important task for feminist ethico-political discussionsExpand
Quantum Physics and/as Philosophy: Immanence, Diffraction, and the Ethics of Mattering
Karen Barad's work distinguishes itself as a diffraction pattern of quantum physics, feminist/queer thought and/as philosophy. In order to gauge the ethico-onto-epistemological impact that the shiftExpand
Biopolitics, necropolitics, cosmopolitics – feminist and queer interventions: an introduction
I. In 2015, first-time feature filmmaker Morgan Knibbe released to critical acclaim Those Who Feel the Fire Burning(2015), a documentary film that creatively examines what in mainstream discoursesExpand
Diffraction: Onto-Epistemology, Quantum Physics and the Critical Humanities
In critical cultural analysis, the metaphor of ‘diffraction’ surfaced in 1992 with Donna Haraway’s ‘The Promises ofMonsters’ as a feminist tool to rethink difference/s beyond binary opposition/s.Expand
Ethos of Diffraction: New Paradigms for a (Post)humanist Ethics
Special Issue: Diffracted Worlds – Diffractive Readings: Onto-Epistemologies and the Critical Humanities
Preface to Section 'Negotiating Technology and Mediation'
In the above article quotation marks around a passage of text written by Claire Colebrook and quoted by the authors were accidentally deleted in the copy-editing process. The quotation should appearExpand