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The vagina is formed by downgrowth of Wolffian and Müllerian ducts
SummaryWe use the Tfm (testicular feminization) mutation of the mouse to reexamine the role of Wolffian and Müllerian ducts during formation of the vagina. Threedimensional graphical reconstructionsExpand
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Embryonic cholinesterase activity during morphogenesis of the mouse genital tract
SummaryIn the genital tract of male and female mouse embryos cholinesterase activity is described that is independent from innervation. The enzyme activity is localized in the mesenchyme at theExpand
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Ultrastructure of human myocardium after total cardiopulmonary bypass during open-heart surgery.
During cardiopulmonary bypass surgery without coronary perfusion, most myocardial cells show ischemic lesions of the mitochondria but all other cell organelles remain unchanged. Ischemic damage toExpand
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Metabolie Effects of Direct Current Stimulation on Cultured Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Abstract Vascular smooth muscle cells from rabbit arteries were grown in tissue culture and stimulated by DC impulses (1 mA, 1V, 10 Hz, 1 ms/imp). Scanning microscopic examination disclosed that inExpand
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Intersex mice composed of androgen insensitive Tfm and wild-type cells analysed by 3H dihydrotestosterone autoradiography
SummaryThe X-linked testicular feminization mutation (Tfm) in the mouse is characterized by an androgen receptor defect. Due to random X-chromosome inactivation, XTfm/X+ heterozygotes are mosaicsExpand
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Notizen: Darstellung und Isolierung von Stickstofftribromid NBr3 und Stickstoffdibromidmonojodid NBr2J / Preparation and Isolation of Nitrogentribromide NBr3 and Nitrogendibromidemonoiodide NBr2I
Nitrogen tribromide was prepared andisolated in a pure state. Its analysis and molecular spectra are reported briefly. Reactions with ammonia, tertiary organic Nbases, and iodine give monobromamine,Expand
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