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Sensory and phenolic profiling of Cyclopia species (Honeybush) and optimisation of the fermentation conditions
The sensory profiles, phenolic composition and colour of honeybush infusions, prepared from six Cyclopia species (C. sessiliflora, C. longifolia, C. genistoides, C. intermedia, C. subternata and C.Expand
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Sensory profiling of honeybush tea (Cyclopia species) and the development of a honeybush sensory wheel
Abstract Several Cyclopia species ( Cyclopia sessiliflora , Cyclopia longifolia , Cyclopia genistoides , Cyclopia intermedia , Cyclopia subternata and Cyclopia maculata ), used as honeybush herbalExpand
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Optimising high-temperature oxidation of Cyclopia species for maximum development of characteristic aroma notes of honeybush herbal tea infusions
Abstract The effect of oxidation temperature and time on the sensory characteristics of Cyclopia genistoides , C . subternata , C . maculata and C . longifolia was investigated to establish theExpand
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Temporal parameters of speech production in bilingual speakers with apraxic or phonemic paraphasic errors
Background: The four‐level framework of speech production (Van der Merwe, 1997) suggests that language of production of a bilingual speaker can be viewed as a contextual factor increasing theExpand
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[Anticipatory labial coarticulation: an electromyographic study in Afrikaans speaking people].
Anticipatory coarticulation sheds light on the planning of speech by the brain. The aim of this study is to gain information on the temporal extent of anticipatory labial coarticulation, the courseExpand