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Shifts in podocyte histone H3K27me3 regulate mouse and human glomerular disease
Histone protein modifications control fate determination during normal development and dedifferentiation during disease. Here, we set out to determine the extent to which dynamic changes to histonesExpand
Survival and hospitalization for intensive home hemodialysis compared with kidney transplantation.
Canadian patients receiving intensive home hemodialysis (IHHD; ≥16 hours per week) have survival comparable to that of deceased donor kidney transplant recipients in the United States, but aExpand
Intensive hemodialysis associates with improved pregnancy outcomes: a Canadian and United States cohort comparison.
Pregnancy is rare in women with ESRD and when it occurs, it is often accompanied by significant maternal and fetal morbidity and even mortality. Preliminary data from the Toronto NocturnalExpand
Frailty and mortality in dialysis: evaluation of a clinical frailty scale.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Frailty is associated with poor outcomes for patients on dialysis; however, previous studies have not taken into account the severity of frailty as a predictor of outcomes.Expand
Income Disparities in Absolute Cardiovascular Risk and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the United States, 1999-2014
Importance Large improvements in the control of risk factors for cardiovascular disease have been achieved in the United States, but it remains unclear whether adults in all socioeconomic strata haveExpand
Macrocytosis may be associated with mortality in chronic hemodialysis patients: a prospective study
BackgroundMacrocytosis occurs in chronic hemodialysis (CHD) patients; however, its significance is unknown. The purpose of this study was to establish the prevalence and distribution of macrocytosis,Expand
Adverse technical events in home hemodialysis.
BACKGROUND There is a growing interest in home hemodialysis because of its clinical benefits. However, given that patients are responsible for performing a complex medical procedure at home,Expand
Prolonged warm ischemia time is associated with graft failure and mortality after kidney transplantation.
Warm ischemia time is a potentially modifiable insult to transplanted kidneys, but little is known about its effect on long-term outcomes. Here we conducted a study of United States kidney transplantExpand
Determinants of training and technique failure in home hemodialysis
Home hemodialysis (HHD) has clinical and economic advantages compared with in‐center conventional hemodialysis. Many health systems wish to broaden the population to which this modality can beExpand
Intensive home haemodialysis: benefits and barriers
Accumulating evidence of the benefits of intensive home haemodialysis has led to increased international interest in this modality as a viable option for renal replacement therapy. Until the lateExpand