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Rethinking Alternative Education to Break the Cycle of Educational Inequality and Inequity
The growing number of alternative schools seems to correlate with the mounting population of disenfranchised students. The higher the number of disenfranchised students, the more alternative schools
News as nonfiction theater: How dispositions toward the public cast of characters affect reactions
Affective dispositions toward public persons and groups were ascertained and related to enjoyment reactions to news reports featuring these parties as recipients of bad or good fortune. Consistent
Poverty's Multiple Dimensions
Poverty is examined historically and multi­dimensionally focusing on the gendered nature of racism and capitalism. Multiple intersections are discussed that undergird poverty's structuralization and
Constructivist Instructional Design: Creating a Multimedia Package for Teaching Critical Qualitative Research
The creation of one multimedia package that focuses on one type of qualitative research critical ethnographic techniques is described, created to help graduate students learn to use five critical ethnography techniques.
The role of Latinx fathers in their daughters’ college success: Shifting cultural paradigms?
ABSTRACT The focus of this article is the result of an unexpected finding in a life narrative qualitative study. The research was conducted in a predominately White, research-extensive Midwestern
Unleashing the potential: women's development and ways of knowing as a perspective for veterinary medical education.
The underlying premise is that research about women's moral and intellectual development is relevant to veterinary education and supports the adoption of student-centered approaches to teaching and learning.
The Model Minority Stereotype as a Prescribed Guideline of Empire: Situating the Model Minority Research in the Postcolonial Context
It has been 50 years since the term, model minority, first appeared in the United States to describe Asian Americans as an ethnic group that overcame the image of the “yellow peril” and successfully
Mexican American Women’s Reflections From Public High School
This qualitative case study examined 5 Mexican American women’s experiences at the intersection of race and gender in public high school. Critical race theory provided the analysis and
Mary S. Peake and Charlotte F. Forten: Black Teachers during the Civil War and Reconstruction.
This historical, archival discourse examines the teaching lives of Mary S. Peake and Charlotte L. Forten during the Civil War and Reconstruction through a limited life history approach. Particular