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Process liability evaluation for beyond 22nm node using EUVL
This paper presents the results of a study on yield improvement that used a 32-nm-node test chip, and also clarifies a critical issue in the use of EUVL in a wafer process for device manufacture. Expand
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Flare Impact and Correction for Critical Dimension Control with Full-Field Exposure Tool
Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) requires flare variation compensation technology and highly accurate critical dimension (CD) control for the fabrication of devices with feature sizes of 32 nmExpand
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Aberration measurement from specific photolithographic images: a different approach.
Techniques for measurement of higher-order aberrations of a projection optical system in photolithographic exposure tools have been established. Even-type and odd-type aberrations are independentlyExpand
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Recent progress of EUV full-field exposure tool in Selete
The Selete full-field EUV exposure tool, the EUV1, was manufactured by Nikon and is being set up at Selete. Its lithographic performance was evaluated in exposure experiments with a static slit usingExpand
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Evaluation result of Selete's exposure tool: impact of the source performance
We have installed a small-field exposure tool (SFET) manufactured by Canon and EUVA with a discharge-producedplasma EUV source that employs Xenon gas. We investigated how the performance of theExpand
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Effects of aberration and flare on lithographic performance of SFET
The effects of aberration and flare on the lithographic performance of the EUV small-field exposure tool (SFET) were evaluated. Simulation results indicated that the effect of aberration on the imageExpand
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Applicability of extreme ultraviolet lithography to fabrication of half pitch 35nm interconnects
Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) is moving into the phase of the evaluation of integration for device fabrication. This paper describes its applicability to the fabrication of back-end-of-lineExpand
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Printability of EUVL mask defect detected by actinic blank inspection tool and 199-nm pattern inspection tool
The key challenge before EUVL is to make defect-free masks hence it is important to identify the root cause of defects, and it is also necessary to establish suitable critical mask defect size forExpand
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Process liability evaluation for EUVL
This paper concerns the readiness of extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) for high-volume manufacture based on accelerated development in critical areas and the construction of a process liabilityExpand
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Evaluation of extreme ultraviolet mask defect using blank inspection, patterned mask inspection, and wafer inspection
The key challenge before extreme ultraviolet lithography is to make defect-free masks, for which it is important to identify the root cause of defects, and it is also necessary to establish suitableExpand
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