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Isolation of a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor, lavendustin A, from Streptomyces griseolavendus.
A potent tyrosine kinase inhibitor, lavendustin A, has been isolated from a butyl acetate extract of Streptomyces griseolavendus culture filtrate, and its structure is novel, having a tertiary amine in the center with substituted benzyl and phenyl groups. Expand
NOTCH3 signaling pathway plays crucial roles in the proliferation of ErbB2-negative human breast cancer cells.
Findings indicate that NOTCH3-mediated signaling rather than NOTCH1- mediated signaling plays an important role in the proliferation of ErbB2-negative breast tumor cells and that targeted suppression of this signaling pathway may be a promising strategy for the treatment of Er bBB 2- negative breast cancers. Expand
Identification of angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides derived from salmon muscle and their antihypertensive effect
The salmon peptide digested from salmon muscle showed a strong inhibitory activity against the angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE). The antihypertensive effect of the salmon peptide onExpand
Tetrahydropyranyl derivatives of daunomycin and adriamycin.
Isolation and synthesis of a new bioactive ellagic acid derivative from Combretum yunnanensis.
Compound 1 showed weak inhibitory activity against the growth of various tumor cells and inhibited HIV-1 protease and the absolute configuration of 1 was determined. Expand
Arglecin, a new microbial metabolite isolation and chemical structure.
A new streptomycete metabolite named arglecin was isolated from the culture filtrates of the strains KA57-AG3, KB59-M1 and the other 11 strains by the screening of compounds with positive Wood andExpand
New morpholino anthracyclines, MX, MX2, and MY5.
A novel synthesis of 2-deoxy-α-glycosides
The key step of the synthesis involves the reaction of glycals [3,4,6-tri-O-acetyl-D-glucal (1), the new glycal derivative 4-O-acetyl-1,5-anhydro-2,6-dideoxy-3-C-methyl-3-O-methyl-L-ribo-hex-1-enitolExpand