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Opening carbon nanotubes with oxygen and implications for filling
CAPPED hollow carbon nanotubes1,2 can be modified into nanocomposite fibres by simultaneous opening of the caps (by heating in the presence of air and lead metal) and filling of the interior with anExpand
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Capillarity and Wetting of Carbon Nanotubes
The wetting and capillarity of carbon nanotubes were studied in detail here. Nanotubes are not "super-straws," although they can be wet and filled by substances having low surface tension, such asExpand
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Role of sp3 defect structures in graphite and carbon nanotubes
THE discovery of fullerenes1,2 and carbon nanotubes3,4 has led to the realization that it should be possible to tailor the properties of graphitic sheets if their geometry can be controlled5–7. InExpand
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Multifunctional Porous Graphene for High-Efficiency Steam Generation by Heat Localization.
Multifunctional nanoporous graphene is realized as a heat generator to convert solar illumination into high-energy steam. The novel 3D nanoporous graphene demonstrates a highly energy-effective steamExpand
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Superconductivity at 33 K in CsxRbyC60
THE synthesis of macroscopic quantities1,2 of the fullerenes C60 and C70 has led to discoveries of several unusual properties3–10, in particular the high conductivity3 and superconductivity4–6 ofExpand
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Bicontinuous nanoporous N-doped graphene for the oxygen reduction reaction.
Bicontinuous nanoporous N-doped graphene with tunable pore size is synthesized by nanoporous Ni-based chemical vapor deposition. The novel 3D graphene material shows an outstanding catalytic activityExpand
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Electronic structure of Si and Ge gold-doped clathrates
The electronic properties of single phase type-I clathrate compounds, ${\mathrm{Ba}}_{8}{\mathrm{Au}}_{6}(\mathrm{Si}\mathrm{}or\mathrm{}\mathrm{Ge}{)}_{40}$ andExpand
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Electric transport of a single-crystal iron chalcogenide FeSe superconductor: Evidence of symmetry-breakdown nematicity and additional ultrafast Dirac cone-like carriers
An SDW antiferromagnetic (SDW-AF) low temperature phase transition is generally observe and the AF spin fluctuations are considered to play an important role for the superconductivity paringExpand
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Structural and superconductivity study on α-FeSex
Abstract We have successfully synthesized the α -FeSe x binary tetragonal superconductors with nominal composition of FeSe x ( x =0.6–1.0) via conventional solid state reactions between Fe and SeExpand
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