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Isolation of the elusive supercomplex that drives cyclic electron flow in photosynthesis
Photosynthetic light reactions establish electron flow in the chloroplast’s thylakoid membranes, leading to the production of the ATP and NADPH that participate in carbon fixation. Two modes of
Plasticity in light reactions of photosynthesis for energy production and photoprotection.
Evidence is presented for the interplay of two types of mechanistic flexibility, one that modulating the relative sensitivity of antenna down-regulation to electron flow, and the other, which primarily modulates the output ratio of ATP/NADPH, but also contributes to down- regulation.
Chloroplast remodeling during state transitions in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as revealed by noninvasive techniques in vivo
This work reveals that state transitions modify the chloroplast structure, affecting the stacking and periodicity of the photosynthetic membranes and altering protein–protein interactions within these membranes, and presents a more likely scenario for state transitions that explains their molecular mechanism and physiological consequences.
Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction: Methods and Applications
This book takes the reader from the fundamentals of computational fluid and solid mechanics to the state-of-the-art in computational FSI methods, special FSI techniques, and solution of real-world problems.
Exactly conservative semi-Lagrangian scheme for multi-dimensional hyperbolic equations with directional splitting technique
Abstract A new numerical method that guarantees exact mass conservation is proposed to solve multidimensional hyperbolic equations in semi-Lagrangian form. The method is based on the constrained
Depletion of stromal Pi induces high ‘energy‐dependent’ antenna exciton quenching (qE) by decreasing proton conductivity at CFO‐CF1 ATP synthase
Results support models where accumulation of Benson-Calvin cycle intermediates or lowering of stromal P(i) below its K(M)at the ATP synthase, retards proton efflux from the lumen, leading to build-up of pmf and subsequent down-regulation of photosynthetic light capture.