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On the moduli spaces of Gorenstein curves with symmetric Weierstrass semigroups.
There are two powerful tools, both based on deformation theory, to study the smooth projective pointed curves with a prescribed Weierstrass gap sequence f^ * f 2 , . . . , t. On the one band, Pinkham
A note on automorphic forms.
Let G be a locally compact unimodular group, K a compact subgroup of G, and Γ a closed unimodular subgroup of G. Let ρ be a finite dimensional unitary representation of Γ. The theory of automorphic
Regular characters of $GL_n(O)$ and Weil representations over finite fields
In this paper, we will point out a gap in the proof of a theorem of G.Hill (J. Algebra, 174 (1995), 610-635) and will give new arguments to give a remedy in the non-dyadic case modulo a conjecture on
On Siegel modular forms of half-integral weights and Jacobi forms
We will establish a bijective correspondence between the space of the cuspidal Jacobi forms and the space of the half-integral weight Siegel cusp forms which is compatible with the action of the
On the trace formula of the Hecke operators and the special values of the second L-functions attached to the Hilbert modular forms
In this paper, we consider 1) the explicit formula of the trace of the Hecke operators acting on the space of the Hilbert cusp forms, and 2) the special values of the second L-functions attached to
On certain Dirichlet series associated with automorphic forms on SL(2,C)
In this note, we will discuss the analogy of some results of Asai [2] in the case of the automorphic forms on SL(2,C). Being combined with the base change lifting to the imaginary quadratic field, we
On unitary representations of Jacobi groups.
In Chapter 3 of [Ta], we considered a relation between cuspidal Jacobi forms and a holomorphic discrete series on the Jacobi group G. All arguments are based on Proposition 9.1 which describes the