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Insertion of polar and nonpolar unsaturated molecules into carbon-rhenium bonds generated by C-H bond activation: synthesis of phthalimidine and indene derivatives.
A rhenium complex, [ReBr(CO)(3)(thf)](2), catalyzes the reaction of an aromatic aldimine with an isocyanate and an acetylene to give a phthalimidine and an indene derivative in a quantitative yield,Expand
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Rhenium-catalyzed formation of indene frameworks via C-H bond activation: [3+2] annulation of aromatic aldimines and acetylenes.
A rhenium complex, [ReBr(CO)3(thf)]2, catalyzes the reaction of an aromatic aldimine with an acetylene to give an indene derivative in a quantitative yield. The reaction proceeds via C-H bondExpand
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Palladium-catalyzed ortho-selective C-H borylation of 2-phenylpyridine and its derivatives at room temperature.
Direct C H bond transformations have received much attention as ideal and highly efficient methods for the synthesis of useful organic compounds. However, several difficulties remain, in particularExpand
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Dramatic Rate Acceleration by a Diphenyl-2-pyridylphosphine Ligand in the Hydration of Nitriles Catalyzed by Ru(acac)2 Complexes
New ruthenium(II) complexes having acac (=acetylacetonato) and diphenyl-2-pyridylphosphine as ligands proved to be excellent catalysts for hydration of nitriles to amides under neutral conditions.Expand
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Nanoelectromechanical nonvolatile memory device incorporating nanocrystalline Si dots
A nanoelectromechanical device incorporating the nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si) dots is proposed for use as a high-speed and nonvolatile memory. The nc-Si dots are embedded as charge storage in aExpand
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Rhenium-Catalyzed Construction of Polycyclic Hydrocarbon Frameworks by a Unique Cyclization of 1,n-Diynes Initiated by 1,1-Difunctionalization with Carbon Nucleophiles.
A regioselective cyclization of 1,n-diynes under rhenium catalysis was developed on the basis of a rare type of 1,1-difunctionalization of terminal alkynes with carbon nucleophiles, followed byExpand
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