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Hypoosmotic Shock Induces Increases in Cytosolic Ca2+ in Tobacco Suspension-Culture Cells
Hypoosmotic shock treatment increased cytosolic Ca2+ ion concentration ([Ca2+]cyt) in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) suspension-culture cells. [Ca2+]cyt measurements were made by geneticallyExpand
Sugar-induced increase in cytosolic Ca(2+) in Arabidopsis thaliana whole plants.
Using Ca(2+)-dependent photoprotein aequorin-transformed Arabidopsis thaliana, sugar-induced increase in cytosolic free Ca(2+ )concentration ([Ca(2+)](cyt))( )was investigated by luminescence imagingExpand
Distribution of yieldin, a regulatory protein of the cell wall yield threshold, in etiolated cowpea seedlings.
We examined the distribution and the immunohistochemical localization of yieldin in etiolated cowpea seedlings with an anti-yieldin antibody. An immunoblotting analysis revealed that the yieldin wasExpand
Growth Control of Hybridoma Cultures by Adding or Depriving Interleukin-6, Caffeine, Amino Acids, Growth Factors, or Antisense C-myc
mRNAs encoding antibodies accumulated in growth-suppressed hybridoma cells. The accumulation of stable mRNA was also predicted by the cell cycle model, which suggested that the growth suppression ofExpand
S-73-4: D-serine: A putative endogenous modulator of the NMDA receptor