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LNG: An eco-friendly cryogenic fuel for sustainable development
As the demand of natural gas has sharply increased in the last two decades at the global level, the transportation of natural gas from different parts (gas producing to the consuming areas) of theExpand
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Development of High Efficiency Micropropagation Protocol of an Adult Tree—Wrightia tomentosa
Highly efficient and reproducible micropropagation protocol for Wrightia tomentosa using sexually adult material has been developed. Multiple shoots were induced from nodal shoot segments throughExpand
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Optimization of mixed-refrigerant system in LNG liquefaction process
Abstract LNG liquefaction is an energy intensive process. For this reason, various liquefaction processes for saving energy exist. Searching optimal process condition is very difficult because of itsExpand
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Optimization of procurement and production planning model in refinery processes considering corrosion effect
This study focused on finding optimal procurement and production planning including corrosion effect. We developed the corrosion forecasting and cost model, which are combined in the procurement andExpand
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Modeling of thermodynamic properties of an oxygenate + aromatic hydrocarbon: Excess molar enthalpy
Abstract Excess molar enthalpy ( H m E ) have been measured at 303.15 K for 1-propanol + benzene or toluene or o - or m - or p -xylene mixtures using flow micro calorimeter. The H m E v e r s u s x 1Expand
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Performance Study of Multistage Membrane and Hybrid Distillation Processes for Propylene/Propane Separation†
This article investigates the separation performance and energy efficiency of multistage membrane and hybrid processes for the separation of propane/propylene mixtures compared with the conventionalExpand
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Comparison of Multistage Compression Configurations for Single Mixed Refrigerant Processes
This study investigates the effects of multistage compression on single mixed refrigerant processes in terms of specific work. Comparison of specific work published in the literature is notExpand
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Optimization of naphtha purchase price using a price prediction model
We developed a system dynamics (SD) model for naphtha price forecasting based on time-series data, mathematical formulations, and qualitative factors. Expand
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Corrosion effect on inspection and replacement planning for a refinery plant
  • K. Tak, J. Kim
  • Environmental Science, Computer Science
  • Comput. Chem. Eng.
  • 2 September 2018
We present an optimization model of inspection and replacement planning for a refinery plant under the consideration of corrosion in terms of cost. Expand
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Kriging models for forecasting crude unit overhead corrosion
Crude unit overhead corrosion is a major issue in the refinery field. However, the corrosion models in the literature are difficult to apply to real refinery processes due to the characteristics ofExpand
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