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Strengthening in carbon nanotube/aluminium (CNT/Al) composites
Abstract Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have a Young’s modulus of 1 TPa, making them ideal reinforcements for composite materials. It is important to understand the relevant strengthening mechanisms involvedExpand
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Elastic modulus of multiwalled carbon nanotubes reinforced aluminium matrix nanocomposite – A theoretical approach
Abstract Owing to its superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties carbon nanotubes have attracted researchers from different disciplines. Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) with theExpand
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Effects and mechanisms of grain refinement in aluminium alloys
Grain refinement plays a crucial role in improving characteristics and properties of cast and wrought aluminium alloys. Generally Al-Ti and Al-Ti-B master alloys are added to the aluminium alloys toExpand
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Casting and heat treatment variables of Al–7Si–Mg alloy
AbstractA review of the research work that has been carried out thus far relating the casting and heat treatment variables to the structure and mechanical properties of Al–7Si–Mg (wt-%) is presentedExpand
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On shear-lag and thermal mismatch model in multiwalled carbon nanotube/copper matrix nanocomposites
Abstract Nickel-coated and uncoated multiwalled carbon nanotube/copper (MWCNT/Cu) nanocomposites with different MWCNT weight fractions were fabricated by powder metallurgy processes and subsequentExpand
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A Zoning based Feature Extraction method for Recognition of Handwritten Assamese Characters
This paper introduces a novel feature extraction approach for handwritten Assamese character recognition. The performance of an optical character recognition system highly depends on the extractedExpand
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Role of work hardening characteristics of matrix alloys in the strengthening of metal matrix composites
The strengthening of particulate reinforced metal-matrix composites is associated with a high dislocation density in the matrix due to the difference in coefficient of thermal expansion between theExpand
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Role of diffusional coherency strain theory in the discontinuous precipitation in Mg-Al alloy
Discontinuous precipitation (DP) occurs in many alloy systems under certain conditions. It is called discontinuous precipitation because precipitation occurs on prior matrix grain boundaries followedExpand
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Effect of delayed aging on mechanical properties of an Al-Cu-Mg alloy
The effect of delayed aging on mechanical properties is characteristically found in Al-Mg-Si alloys. “Delayed aging” refers to the time elapsed between solutionizing and artificial aging. DelayedExpand
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Role of particle stimulated nucleation in recrystallization of hot extruded Al 6061/SiCp composites
Studies on texture and microstructure evolution in hot extruded Al 6061 aluminium alloy reinforced with uncoated and nickel coated SiCp were carried out by electron backscattered diffractionExpand
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