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A Numerical Simulation of Particle Trajectory in Thin Hard Disk Drive
This work numerically investigates the particle trajectory in a turbulent flow field and the trapping status of particles in 2.5 in thin hard disk drives (HDD). The trajectories of particles areExpand
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Numerical investigation of airflow inside a 1-in hard disk drive
Abstract The increasing application of the hard disk drive in consumer electronic devices has pushed the usage of the small form factor hard drives. At the same time, the data storage industryExpand
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Natural convection of water in an inclined cavity with heat generation
The convection of water is investigated in the vicinity of its density maximum temperature (277 K) in an inclined square cavity in the presence of heat sources. Numerical investigations are carriedExpand
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Flow-Induced Slider Vibration in a Functional Hard Disk Drive: Influence of Air Shroud
An air shroud is designed and placed within a commercially available hard disk drive operating at 15 000 rpm. Large eddy simulations of the turbulent airflow characteristics resulting from both theExpand
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A New Fluid Structure Coupling Approach for High Frequency/Small Deformation Engineering Application
The present work introduces an engineering approach to investigate the coupled fluid-structure interactions for high-frequency and small displacement problems. A new sequential coupling method isExpand
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Double diffusive nonlinear convection in a square cavity
Combined temperature and species gradients induced buoyancy-driven natural convection flow of cold water at temperatures in the neighbourhood of the temperature of maximum density is investigated.Expand
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Blood Flow in an Out-of-Plane Aorto-left Coronary Sequential Bypass Graft
Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) is a major therapy for ischemic heart disease which if left untreated can progress to failure of the heart. Restenosis, a leading cause of CABG, can be correlatedExpand
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Capillary flow between parallel plates in the presence of an electromagnetic field
This paper addresses the influence of electromagnetic field on the surface tension driven capillary flow between two parallel plates, with special reference to microchannel flows. AnalyticalExpand
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Influence of viscosity variations on the forced convection flow through two types of heterogeneous porous media with isoflux boundary condition
Abstract A theoretical analysis of fully developed forced convection flow through a heterogeneous porous medium with isoflux boundary condition is carried out by invoking a varying viscosity model toExpand
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Larvicidal efficacy of various formulations of Bacillus sphaericus against the resistant strain of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) from southern India.
Use of Bacillus sphaericus Neide (Bs) as potential biolarvicide in developing countries is limited due to development of resistance by target mosquitoes. Efforts are taken to look for appropriateExpand
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