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Topological Kondo insulators.
A topological classification of emergent band structures for Kondo insulators is developed and it is shown that these materials may host three-dimensional topological insulating phases.
Topological insulators and nematic phases from spontaneous symmetry breaking in 2D fermi systems with a quadratic band crossing.
At the noninteracting level, it is shown that a QBCP exists and is topologically stable for a Berry flux +/-2pi if the point symmetry group has either fourfold or sixfold rotational symmetries.
Interaction effects and quantum phase transitions in topological insulators
We study strong correlation effects in topological insulators via the Lanczos algorithm, which we utilize to calculate the exact many-particle ground-state wave function and its topological
Nearly flatbands with nontrivial topology.
The theoretical discovery of a class of 2D tight-binding models containing nearly flatbands with nonzero Chern numbers, which may lead to the realization of fractional anomalous quantum Hall states and fractional topological insulators in real materials.
Theory of topological Kondo insulators
We examine how the properties of the Kondo insulators change when the symmetry of the underlying crystal field multiplets is taken into account. We employ the Anderson lattice model and consider its
Quantum Oscillations in Kondo Insulator SmB$_6$
G. Li, Z. Xiang, F. Yu, T. Asaba, B. Lawson, P. Cai, C. Tinsman, A. Berkley, S. Wolgast,Y. S. Eo, Dae-Jeong Kim, C. Kurdak, J. W. Allen, K. Sun, X. H. Chen, Y. Y. Wang, Z. Fisk, Lu Li Department of
Topological zero-energy modes in gapless commensurate Aubry-André-Harper models.
It is shown that the commensurate off-diagonal AAH model is topologically nontrivial in the gapless regime and supports zero-energy edge modes.
SmB6 Photoemission: Past and Present
Author(s): Denlinger, Jonathan D; Allen, James W; Kang, Jeong-Soo; Sun, Kai; Min, Byung-Il; Kim, Dae-Jeong; Fisk, Zachary | Abstract: Recent renewed interest in the mixed valent insulator SmB6 comes
Probe knots and Hopf insulators with ultracold atoms 1 DONG
strings in the early universe. Here, we show that knotted structures also exist in a peculiar class of three dimensional topological insulators|the Hopf insulators. In particular, we demonstrate that
Fractional quantum Hall effect in the absence of Landau levels
The theoretical discovery of the fractional quantum Hall effect in the absence of Landau levels in an interacting fermion model is shown and the recently proposed topologically non-trivial flat-band model on a checkerboard lattice is proposed.