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The aim of this paper is to examine the factors affecting households’ choices of primary cooking fuels in Sudan and to indicate the likely associated side effects and the relevant policies to
The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Revenue Mobilization and Stability in Sudan
:  This paper attempts to examine key aspects of the Sudanese tax system, paying particular attention to the impact of the recent trade liberalization on government revenues. An eclectic method of
The Macroeconomics of the Gold Economy in Sudan
After the secession of South Sudan and the resultant drop in oil exports, Sudan has enjoyed a surge in gold exports, dominated by vast networks of artisanal and small-scale informal mining
The Determinants of Inflation in Sudan
This paper examines the main determinants of inflation in Sudan, using quarterly data during 1970–2002, by applying cointegration and error correction modelling. The analytical framework views
Understanding and Avoiding the Oil Curse in Sudan
This paper examines the impact of the oil boom, as a blessing or curse, on Sudan’s economy, analyzes the key features of the country’s growth experience before and after the oil boom and articulates
The Dynamics of Rural Change in Dry Agriculture in Sudan: Case Study from Southern Kordofan
The general processes of rural , transfonnation in Sudan and elsewhere in Africa often emerged as sources of tension between various household endogenous systems and the agro-industrial system which
The Political Economy of Fiscal Institutions and Macroeconomic Management in Sudan
  • K. Suliman
  • Political Science
    Institutions and Macroeconomic Policies in…
  • 2019
This chapter draws on the literature on historical institutionalism and distributive politics, combining qualitative and quantitative information from Sudan’s territorial economic structures, to