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Diameter-Selective Raman Scattering from Vibrational Modes in Carbon Nanotubes
Single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) that are found as close-packed arrays in crystalline ropes have been studied by using Raman scattering techniques with laser excitation wavelengths in the range
Structural and vibrational properties of fullerenes and nanotubes in a nonorthogonal tight‐binding scheme
A simple, computationally efficient method for the evaluation of structural and vibrational properties of carbon is presented. The scheme is based on the generalized tight‐binding molecular dynamics
Local density theory of polarizability
1 Introduction.- 2 Formalism.- 3 Computational Techniques.- 4 Atoms and Molecules.- 5 Ionic Solids.- 6 Other Solids and Simple Liquids.
Kinetic Model of Stage Transformation and Intercalation in Graphite
We derive a set of diffusion equations based on time-dependent Landau-Ginzburg theory, which is capable of describing the role of domains in stage transformations and intercalation in layered
Complex scalar fields in one dimension with fourfold phase anisotropy: Solitary-wave solutions
We present solitary-wave solutions to a set of coupled nonlinear wave equations resulting from a model Lagrangian for a complex scalar (two-component) field in one space and one time dimension in the
Bond alternation, on-site Coulomb correlations, and solitons in polyacetylene
We explore the effect of including electronic on-site Coulomb correlations on the energy of solitons in polyacetylene within an unrestricted Hartree-Fock calculation for finite chains. For parameters
Structural and vibrational properties of Si clathrates in a generalized tight-binding molecular-dynamics scheme
The structural and vibrational properties of Si in two fourfold coordinated crystalline structures (clathrates) are studied and compared with those in the diamond structure using a generalized