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The extended evolutionary synthesis: its structure, assumptions and predictions
Scientific activities take place within the structured sets of ideas and assumptions that define a field and its practices. The conceptual framework of evolutionary biology emerged with the ModernExpand
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Does evolutionary theory need a rethink?
Nobel physicist talks plants with a waiter, then what? p.168 ENERGY Don't assume that renewable energies are problem-free p.168 AGEING Atul Gawande's call to action on end-of-life medical care p.167Expand
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Minds: extended or scaffolded?
This paper discusses two perspectives, each of which recognises the importance of environmental resources in enhancing and amplifying our cognitive capacity. One is the Clark–Chalmers model, extendedExpand
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Thought in a Hostile World: The Evolution of Human Cognition
Preface.Part I: Assembling Intentionality:1. Evolutionary Naturalism:Two Projects Of Evolutionary NaturalismThe Simple Co-Ordination Thesis2. Detection Systems:The Environmental ComplexityExpand
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Cause and Effect in Biology Revisited: Is Mayr’s Proximate-Ultimate Dichotomy Still Useful?
Fifty years ago, Ernst Mayr published a hugely influential paper on the nature of causation in biology, in which he distinguished between proximate and ultimate causes. Mayr equated proximateExpand
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The extended replicator
This paper evaluates and criticises the developmental systems conception of evolution and develops instead an extension of the “gene's eye” conception of evolution. We argue (i) Dawkin's attempt toExpand
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What Is Biodiversity
In the life sciences, there is wide-ranging debate about biodiversity. While nearly everyone is in favor of biodiversity and its conservation, methods for its assessment vary enormously. So whatExpand
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Externalism, Epistemic Artefacts and The Extended Mind
In original contributions, internationally leading authors address themselves to one of the most important questions of contemporary theoretical philosophy. The debate between internalism andExpand
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The Major Transitions in Evolution Revisited
In 1995, John Maynard Smith and Eors Szathmary published their influential book The Major Transitions in Evolution. The "transitions" that Maynard Smith and Szathmary chose to describe allExpand
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Language And Reality
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