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Renormalization of Higher Derivative Quantum Gravity
Gravitational actions which include terms quadratic in the curvature tensor are renormalizable. The necessary Slavnov identities are derived from Becchi-Rouet-Stora (BRS) transformations of theExpand
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Multi-membrane solutions of D = 11 supergravity
Abstract We find exact solutions to the field equations of eleven-dimensional supergravity corresponding to stable multi-membrane configurations. Their holonomy group is given by the SO(8) subgroupExpand
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Classical gravity with higher derivatives
Inclusion of the four-derivative terms ∫RμνRμν(−g)1/2 and ∫R2(−g)1/2 into the gravitational action gives a class of effectively multimass models of gravity. In addition to the usual masslessExpand
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Superstrings in D=10 from supermembranes in D=11
Abstract The type IIA superstring in ten dimensions is derived from the supermembrane in eleven dimensions by a simultaneous dimensional reduction of the world volume and the spacetime.
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The Universe as a domain wall
It is shown that the effective five-dimensional theory of the strongly coupled heterotic string is a gauged version of N=1 five-dimensional supergravity with four-dimensional boundaries. For theExpand
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Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theories
A comprehensive discussion of the off-shell structure of super symmetric gauge theories is presented. We review various methods for finding the auxiliary fields which are necessary to permit aExpand
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Heterotic M-theory in five dimensions
Abstract We derive the five-dimensional effective action of strongly coupled heterotic string theory for the complete (1,1) sector of the theory by performing a reduction, on a Calabi-Yau three-fold,Expand
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Spontaneously broken de Sitter symmetry and the gravitational holonomy group
The local geometrical structure of general relativity is analyzed in detail from the standpoint of a formulation of gravity as a gauge theory of the de Sitter group SO(3,2). In order to reproduce theExpand
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Universal BPS structure of stationary supergravity solutions
We study asymptotically flat stationary solutions of four-dimensional supergravity theories via the associated G/H ∗ pseudo-Riemannian non-linear sigma models in three spatial dimensions. The NoetherExpand
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T-duality in the Green–Schwarz formalism, and the massless/massive IIA duality map
We derive a component-field expansion of the Green-Schwarz action for the type IIA string, in an arbitrary background of massless NS-NS and R-R bosonic fields, up to quadratic order in the fermionicExpand
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