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Combinatorial Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity
This clearly written , mathematically rigorous text includes a novel algorithmic exposition of the simplex method and also discusses the Soviet ellipsoid algorithm for linear programming; efficientExpand
A technique for the identification of linear systems
An iterative technique is proposed to identify a linear system from samples of its input and output in the presence of noise by minimizing the mean-square error between system and model outputs. TheExpand
Eigenvectors and functions of the discrete Fourier transform
A method is presented for computing an orthonormal set of eigenvectors for the discrete Fourier transform (DFT). The technique is based on a detailed analysis of the eigenstructure of a specialExpand
Adaptive step size random search
Fixed step size random search for minimization of functions of several parameters is described and compared with the fixed step size gradient method for a particular surface. A theoretical technique,Expand
Frugality in path auctions
This work investigates the payments the buyer must make in order to buy a path, and identifies the optimal mechanism with regard to total payment, which gives a lower bound on all mechanisms with Bayes--Nash equilibria. Expand
Optimization of wireless resources for personal communications mobility tracking
Numerical results for a simple one-dimensional mobility model show that the optimal scheme may provide significant savings when compared to the standard approach even when the latter is optimized by suitably choosing the registration area size on a per-user basis. Expand
The Spite Motive and Equilibrium Behavior in Auctions
Abstract We study auctions where bidders have independent private values but attach a disutility to the surplus of rivals, and derive symmetric equilibria for first-price, second-price, English, andExpand
Design of FIR digital phase networks
The problem of the minimax design of FIR digital filters with prescribed phase characteristics and unit magnitude is a nonlinear optimization problem. In this paper it is approximated by a linearExpand
A digital signal processing primer - with applications to digital audio and computer music
A guide to digital signal processing for audio applications 2013 and 2014 law questions digital audio signal processing and applications document about student solutions manual for stewarts repair manual. Expand
Operations on Images Using Quad Trees
Warnock-type algorithms are presented for building the quad tree for the picture of the boundary of apolygon, and for coloring the interior of such a polygon. Expand