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Microstructure, mechanical and corrosion properties of biodegradable powder metallurgical Fe-2 wt% X (X = Pd, Ag and C) alloys
Abstract Research on biodegradable iron-based materials has been increasing because they appear suitable for fabrication of temporary orthopedic and cardiovascular implants. Preliminary in vitro andExpand
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Preparation and properties of plasma sprayed NiAl10 and NiAl40 coatings on AZ91 substrate
Abstract Magnesium alloys are, due to high specific strength and stiffness, materials suitable for lightweight applications in automotive and aeronautical industries. Very poor corrosion resistanceExpand
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EIS and corrosion behaviour of plasma sprayed layers of Al and AlCr6Fe2 on AZ91
Abstract This work presents the preparation of coatings of aluminium and AlCr6Fe2 alloy on magnesium alloy AZ91 with metallurgical bonding. Coatings were prepared by plasma spraying system WSP®-HExpand