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Debris disk evolution around a stars
We report 24 and/or 70 μm measurements of ~160 A-type main-sequence stars using the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (MIPS). Their ages range from 5 to 850 Myr, based on estimates from theExpand
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Decay of Planetary Debris Disks
We report new Spitzer 24 � m photometry of 76 main-sequence A-type stars. We combine these results with previously reportedSpitzer24 � m data and 24 and 25 � m photometry from theInfrared SpaceExpand
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Debris Disks around Sun-like Stars
We have observed nearly 200 FGK stars at 24 and 70 ?m with the Spitzer Space Telescope. We identify excess infrared emission, including a number of cases where the observed flux is more than 10 timesExpand
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WFPC2 Studies of the Crab Nebula. I. HST and ROSAT Imaging of the Synchrotron Nebula
We present images of the Crab synchrotron nebula obtained with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) on board the Hubble Space Telescope. These data are compared with ROSAT HRI images, andExpand
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The Debris Disk Around HR 8799
We have obtained a full suite of Spitzer observations to characterize the debris disk around HR 8799 and to explore how its properties are related to the recently discovered set of three massiveExpand
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The North American and Pelican Nebulae. II. MIPS Observations and Analysis
We present observations of ~7 deg^2 of the North American and Pelican Nebulae region at 24, 70, and 160 μm with the Spitzer Space Telescope Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (MIPS). WeExpand
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The Vega debris disk: A surprise from spitzer
We present high spatial resolution mid- and far-infrared images of the Vega debris disk obtained with the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer (MIPS). The disk is well resolved, and its angularExpand
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We report on the properties of pre-main-sequence objects in the Taurus molecular clouds as observed in seven mid- and far-infrared bands with the Spitzer Space Telescope. There are 215 previouslyExpand
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First look at the Fomalhaut debris disk with the Spitzer Space Telescope
We present Spitzer Space Telescope early release observations of Fomalhaut, a nearby A-type star with dusty circumstellar debris. The disk is spatially resolved at 24, 70, and 160 � m using theExpand
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Hubble space telescope observations of the SN 1987A triple ring nebula
We have observed SN 1987A with the optically corrected WFPC2 on the Hubble Space Telescope both in emission lines and in the UV and optical continuum. The previously observed outer nebular structureExpand
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