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Matthew Effects in Reading: Some Consequences of Individual Differences in the Acquisition of Literacy
A framework for conceptualizing the development of individual differences in reading ability is presented that synthesizes a great deal of the research literature. The framework places specialExpand
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Individual differences in reasoning: implications for the rationality debate?
Much research in the last two decades has demonstrated that human responses deviate from the performance deemed normative according to various models of decision making and rational judgment (e.g.,Expand
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INTERACTIVE MODELS OF READING appear to provide a more accurate conceptualization of reading performance than do strictly top-down or bottom-up models. When combined with an assumption ofExpand
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Dual-Process Theories of Higher Cognition
  • J. Evans, K. Stanovich
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Perspectives on psychological science : a journal…
  • 1 May 2013
Dual-process and dual-system theories in both cognitive and social psychology have been subjected to a number of recently published criticisms. However, they have been attacked as a category,Expand
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Early reading acquisition and its relation to reading experience and ability 10 years later.
A group of 1st-graders who were administered a battery of reading tasks in a previous study were followed up as 11th graders. Ten years later, they were administered measures of exposure to print,Expand
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Progress in Understanding Reading: Scientific Foundations and New Frontiers
Foreword, Isabel L. Beck. Preface. I. The Role of Context Effects in Models of Reading. Early Applications of Information Processing Concepts to the Study of Reading: The Role of Sentence Context.Expand
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Explaining the Differences Between the Dyslexic and the Garden-Variety Poor Reader
  • K. Stanovich
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of learning disabilities
  • 1 December 1988
A coherent conception of dyslexia has been difficult to arrive at because research findings have continually created logical paradoxes for the psychometric definition of reading disability. ThisExpand
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Exposure to print and orthographic processing.
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Rationality and the Reflective Mind
Preface CHAPTER I: Dual-Process Theory and the Great Rationality Debate The Great Rationality Debate Individual Differences in the Great Rationality Debate Dual Process Theory: The Current State ofExpand
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