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Analyzing heterogeneity and unobserved structural effects in route-switching behavior under ATIS: a dynamic kernel logit formulation
This paper focuses on modeling unobserved effects in route-switching dynamics under advanced traveler information systems (ATIS). Expand
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Effect of Information Quality on Compliance Behavior of Commuters Under Real-Time Traffic Information
The compliance behavior of commuters under different advanced traveler information systems (ATIS) information strategies of varying information quality and credibility in response to traffic information in a simulated traffic system is investigated. Expand
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Role of Congestion and Information in Trip-Makers’ Dynamic Decision Processes: Experimental Investigation
The role of congestion and information on trip-makers’ dynamic decision processes, particularly commuters’ route- and departure-time-switching behavior, is investigated. Expand
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Analysis of within-household effects and between-household differences in maintenance activity allocation
This paper investigates the allocation of household individuals to out-of-home maintenance activities using the rich activity-travel diary data from the San Francisco Bay Area. Two inter-relatedExpand
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Determinants of Changes in Mobility and Travel Patterns in Developing Countries
This study analyzes changes in sociodemographic, activity, land use, and mobility patterns and their effects on travel dimensions in the context of a developing country. More specifically, increaseExpand
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Tripmaker choice behavior for shopping trips under real-time information: model formulation and results of stated-preference internet-based interactive experiments
Abstract This paper examines behavioral responses of non-commuters under real-time information during shopping trips. Utilizing results from an interactive stated-preference internet-based survey,Expand
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Modeling Inertia and Compliance Mechanisms in Route Choice Behavior Under Real-Time Information
This research examines route choice, in the presence of real-time information, as a consequence of two underlying behavioral mechanisms: compliance and inertia. Expand
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Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 104
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Dynamics and Variability in Within-Day Mode Choice Decisions: Role of State Dependence, Habit Persistence, and Unobserved Heterogeneity
This research investigated within-day dynamics and variations in mode choice within and across individuals at the activity-episode level. Specifically, dynamics and variability were examined at fourExpand
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Modeling Interaction Between Internet Communication and Travel Activities: Evidence from Bay Area, California, Travel Survey 2000
Increasingly, advanced information technologies affect both activity and travel participation. Although several studies have focused on specific activities such as e-shopping or telecommuting, thisExpand
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